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At the moment the forum is offline. This is due to to my host having server problems. Unfortunately I do not know when it will be online again.

I won't be able to keep you updated because I have to go to a funeral today (15/2/2017) so everyone has to keep on checking themselves to see when to forum is up and running again.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello and welcome to the Videopac website of Lilian & Robbert.
Our goal for this site is to display our collection and to, of course, get it complete. Furthermore, other stuff concerning Videopac will be shown on this site, but what that will be is for the future to tell we guess.

For now, there is only limited info as you can see but we are working hard to get more into this site as soon as possible. If you want to contact us please do. You can use the form under 'contact us'.

Well, have fun and see you in the future.


Lilian & Robbert

Yes! It's a Videopac G7000! You guessed right! > Home