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What will we do?

Subject to change.

Friday, october 27th

14.00 Doors will be open, we will probably be setting up systems.
17.00 Let's go out and eat.
20.00 Official opening of Eurocon 2017
20.00 Announcement of this years trophy game and other competitions.
21.00 Pubquiz
22.00 Playing and drinking 'till 24.00
24.00 Venue closes but pubs are still open.

Saturday, october 28th

10.00 Venue open, play games
10.00 Eurocon Fleamarket: sell/swap your items.
14.00 If you want, we can take a little walk through the center of Nijmegen. Do some shopping.
16.00 Trip to the "Pannenkoekenboot" (Pancakeboat) for a boattour and the unlimited consuming of pancake. Costs €18,50 p.p.
After boat Playing games & drinking.

Sunday, october 29th

10.00 Venue open, last chance to get those highscores!
11.00 Groupphoto
11.00 Show and Tell.
12.00 Auction! Bring goods to sell, always good fun!
13.00 Drop your joysticks! Prizes for the winners!
15.00 The End! The moment of saying goodbyes and intensive wheeping.
Optional... Some people will travel to Amsterdam, stay the night and do some sightseeing on monday. Let us know if you want to join!