What will we play?

Atari 2600 ?
Atari 2600 Indy 500
Atari 2600 Harmony Cart
Gamecube/Wii Super Bust A Move and others
Wii Tankgame
Atari Stunt Cycle
Atari Jaguar Club Drive and others
Videopac N60 Multicart
Videopac G7000 Dieter's Robot City release
Vectrex Multicart
PS3 ?
Atari 800XL Multijoy Mashed Turtles
Atari XEGS Multicart
Arcade Donkey Kong Cocktail
C64 Shothun/Frogs 4-player
C64 Multicart
Lynx 4-player Checkered Flag
XBOX 360 PacMan Battle Royale
Sega Megadrive Multicart
Intellivision Bomb Squad (with Intellivoice)
ZX Spectrum Gravibotz & other games
PS2 Rez
Is there a game/system that you really would like see here?
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