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Title: G7400 joystick adapter cables
Post by: grips03 on March 01, 2018, 12:16:16 AM
I have G7400, but like to play Videopac with NeoGeo controllers.

I bought "3m Roland Cable fc-100" from Amazon for $12.50.  It has DIN 6 on each side that fits the G7400 joystick ports perfectly, see picture below, left is new cable, right is stock joystick cable.  I cut cable in half and soldered 6 wires to the db15 male connector that the NeoGeo controller plugs into.  Cut the bare wire and the two other wires in the cable that are not used (Dark Green and Black).  Below is the colors of the wires in the cable I got, perhaps they are same cable to cable, but I'm not sure.  Numbers you see in the drawing are NeoGeo controller pin numbers.

Reason to use the cable is that the DIN 6 and cable are high quality.  Some of the DIY DIN connector's rubber boot moves too much for my liking.  Cable is 3M / 9ft.  So its plenty long for the purpose.

I used the following parts from
Qty 2      A-DS-15-PP/Z      0.85 each
Qty 2      970-009-010R011   $2.70 each

A db9 certainly could be used if you want to use Atari type controllers.