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Title: Interpol English & French manuals
Post by: Sly DC on August 27, 2018, 03:01:50 AM
Hi folks,

VideopacBelgium (aka Marc) asked me about 6 years ago about the game Interpol and i have sent him files
about this game, especially the manuals that are included in the first released 15-16 years ago. And now i have
recently joined this forum, Marc asked me to tell more about Interpol (see section "AnythingVideopac/Odyssey2")
and i've wrote that i'll try to find both manuals in an old back-up and i did 2 hours ago.

The manuals are originally in ".doc" format but i have converted them into PDF format. I also found the "order page"
of Interpol and description of the game that were on Nicolas Sapin web site (boy...when i back-up, i sure do!!)
so i might upload those with the manuals if any demands.

I have serach on the net for the English version and it's nowhere to be found ... until now. You can download both
manuals here:

Hope this will help out some folks! =)

--- Sly DC ---