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Author Topic: Prototype database ANDYRYALS  (Read 3075 times)
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« on: September 02, 2007, 08:11:32 PM »

LAST UPDATE 08.21am 27/6/2006


Manufacturer Item Number Name Rarity Eprom Prototype Pirate Variant Owner Picture

? 4 (Labeled zeeslag tankslag) UR ? ? ? ? Richard N
? Spanns UR Y Y Bas.K Y
Brazillian A Turma De Monica UR ? ? ? ? ? ?
Brazillian Nacht Vlacht (Commands Nocturno) UR Y Y Y ? Y
? Martian Threat UR Y? Seob Y
Imagic Atlantis UR Y Richard N
Jopac Syracuse UR Y Richard N
Jopac Defenders (Exorjet but without+)?? UR ? ? ? ? ? ?
Parker Qbert UR Y Richard N
Parker Popeye UR Y Richard N
Parker Spiderman UR Y Bas.K Y
Parker Star Wars (RUMOURED) UR+? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Parker Tutankham UR N
Philips 4 in a Row UR Y Richard N
Philips Air Battle UR Y ARYALS N
Air Battle UR Y? Seob Y
Philips Robot City (AKA Laser) UR Y
Philips Robot City UR N Y N Y? Seob Y
Philips Plantage (AKA Catch the Ball/Play Tag) UR Y
Philips Basket Ball (Basketball+) UR
Philips Billiard (Billiards+) UR
Philips Blackhole UR ? ? ? ? ? ?
Philips Catapult UR Y Richard N
Philips Clay Pigeon+ UR Y Y Richard N
Philips Clean up yer act UR N
Philips Cosmic Conflict UR Y Richard N
Philips Crazy Chase UR Y Richard N
Philips Freedom Fighters (Labelled Defender) UR Y Richard N
Philips Billiard (Billiards+ UR
Philips Gunslinger UR
Philips/GST Interpol (AKA Simulation Game) UR Y N.Sapin Y
Philips/GST Jake (AKA Martian Threat) UR Y
Philips Killer Bees v1 UR Y Richard N
Killer Bees v2 (No Sound version) UR Y Nicolas Sapin Y
Killer Bees v3 (Infinite lives) UR Y ? Y
Killer Bees v4 (Easy version) UR Y ? Y
Philips Labyrinth Game (Without Supermind) UR Y Y Richard N
Philips Loony Balloon (non + version) UR Y N
Philips Monkey Shines UR Y Richard N
Philips Night Fighter UR Y ARYALS N
? Night Fighter UR Y? Y Seob Y
Philips Phantom House (Nightmare w/no+ graphics) UR Y N
Philips Pick Axe Pete UR Y? Y ARYALS N
Pick Axe Pete (labelled H. henkic) UR Y Richard N
Philips Pick Axe Pete (3rd variant) UR N
Philips Race (Labelled Aurorace) UR Y Richard N
Philips Red Baron - Philips (59+ w/no + graphics)UR
Philips? Restaurant (Chez Maxime) UR
Philips Shark Hunter UR Y Maurice"BuckyB" N
Philips Space Monster UR Y Richard N
Philips Space Rendevous (on its own) UR Y Richard N
Philips Stonesling UR Y ARYALS Y
Philips/GST Sharkhunter UR Y
Philips Terrahawks (Labelled Zelda) UR Y Richard N
Philips The Mousing Cat (labelled Kist em Muis) UR Y Richard N
Philips The Pink Panther (RUMOURED) UR+ ? ? ? ? ? ?
Philips Tischfuball UR Y ARYALS Y
Philips Troj UR ? ? ? ?
Philips Turtles UR Y Richard N
Philips Melrep UR Y Y bas. K Y
Philips Cursus Spaans UR Y
Magnavox / Phillips? KC-Munchkin UR Y (Confirmed) BuckyB Y
Magnavox Killer Bees UR Y (Confirmed) Retroman
Magnavox He-Man and the Masters of the Universe UR++ ? ? ? ?
Magnavox Math-a-Magic UR Y ARYALS N
Magnavox Bowling / Basketball UR Y ARYALS N
Magnavox Football UR Y ARYALS N
Magnavox Play tag UR
Magnavox Powerlords UR Y ?N.Sapin Y
Magnavox Speedway / Spinout / Cryptologic UR Y ARYALS N
Magnavox Sherlock Holmes UR+ Y N. Sapin N
Magnavox Pinball (early prototype) UR+ Y
Magnavox Type n Tell UR Y N.Sapin Y
Magnavox Flashpoint+ O3 UR+ Y D. Koenig N
Magnavox Attack of the Timelord+ O3 UR+ Y D. Koenig N
Magnavox Baseball+ O3 UR+ Y D. Koenig N
Magnavox Freedom Fighters+ O3 UR+ Y D. Koenig N
Magnavox Pick Axe Pete+ O3 UR+ Y D. Koenig N
Magnavox Killer Bees+ O3 UR+ Y D. Koenig N
Magnavox Videopac+ Odyssey3 Modem Cartridge UR+ Y D. Koenig N



Is the same KC-Munchkin Prototype the one which maurice listed?
Can anyone shed light on the 3rd variant of Pickaxe Pete?

Bas kornalijnslijper - Has many many prototypes there are lots of pictures on his webpage, perhaps some of them need listing here

Nicolas Sapin - He has at least 5 prototypes and Eproms which are not listed here. Nicolas sold 5 of his prototypes off in June 2006 so what
are the other five is has his hands on?
- Is the Powerlords Prototype he owns the same as the one on BuckyB's list?
- Is the Type and Tell the same as on Bucky B's?

Nacht Vlacht - This is a alternate version of the Brazillian game Comando Nocturno according to this is a completely
new variant and had different graphics from the 128-in-1 cart and the finished game itself.

Steel Balls - There is a very nice picture of 13 eproms, could we clear up some queries here?


This section is dedicated to the few Videopac owners which have taken the time out to help us in our quest to get all these prototypes
fully documented.

Seob / SteelBalls analysis of all of Seob's Prototypes, take it away guys :-

Air Battle proto.
After i got my eyes back in my face, we fired up a g7400 and first put in v58+ to see what the graphics where.
Since Steelballs didn't have the manual for the game we couldn't get the plain in the air. After trying a few times we decided to put in the prototype and see how that looked.
First thing we noted was that it is the non + version of the game. And since we didn't got the plain in the air we decided to move on to the next cart.

Nightfigter aka nachtvlucht proto
After a little studie and pressing different button on the keyboard and joystick we got the plain in the air. Some more pressing and we found out that a lot of keys where used. (i forgot to take the manual whit me that rene posted here) And some more studing of the instruments and chrashing we where able to find the enemy. After trying the cannons and air missiles we decided to use the bomb and shot the enemy into pieces.
But we had used to much fuel to get the plain back to the base.
Eventualy we got the enemy and returned with enough fuel to the airport but we never succed in landing the plain.
I think its a great game. It's also a game that really uses the keyboard active in the gameplay. And for the videopac limitations it's a "real" flight sim.
This game didn't have any + graphics.

Martian Threat
Allready on our second try we got our highscore into the 1000 points. It's graphical a great game. It doesn't use + graphics but it still is one of the most inpressive graphical games that uses standard g7000 hardware.
For game play, well we didn't like it to much. The only thrill is to get a higher score every time you play. It is not very hard to get into 1000 points and the game never is very tactical. What we did notice is that if you die with less then 1000 point, the end screen shows a ufo shooting at the earth, and when the earth is hit it turns red.
The first time you get 1000+ points and you die you get a differnt ending.
This time there's a shot from earth that hits the ufo. The ufo then breaks into pieces. After this the only time you see this ending again is by getting a higher highscore.

Robot city
Whit this game we had the most fun. The first level is not to easy but also not to hard. It's just right. The second level is allready a greater challenge. Sometimes it really looks as if the aliens are trying to close you in, and the futher you get it seems as if the aliens are working more and more together. We havent made it pas level 4 yet but it really is a adictive game. It also doesn't have + graphics, but it also doesn't need them to be a really great game.
This trully could be a game that is worth releasing.


Firstly thanks to Seob for taking the time to come and visit with his prototypes, unfortunately he remembered to take them with him when he left Crying or Very sad

I would also definitely agree that ROBOT CITY is worth considering as a release. Out of the three games we played it was by far the most enjoyable. On level 1 it seems like it's going to be very simple to progress quite far in the game but already in level 2 it becomes apparent that you really have to have a strategy to destroy all 4 opponents or they will eliminate you with ease.

MARTIAN THREAT does look good for a videopac game but the challenge and enjoyment is not really there, if you position yourself in the middle of the screen you only have to move up and down a fraction to target the martians in the four corners (Martians throwing what look to be beachballs in my opinion!)

NIGHTFIGHTER took a bit of getting into but seemed an okay game, I'm not a big flight sim fan but as Seob commented on, it does make good use of the keyboard. My big criticism is that you see nothing until you reach your target, you just fly through blackness (hence the name?) and on the return journey you see lights marking the landing strip of your base. If you didn't have to make as much use of the keyboard it would be really mindnumbing, but you need to keep an eye on your speed, altitude, distance to the target and fuel so it keeps you busy on the way.

- Will add a value sections
- will add collections statistics - Finish this off! This helps people hunt down proto's/eproms and make owners and offer.

V0.1 - The 1st version just a list of my own stuff and a quick scout round a few sites
v0.1a - Emailed a few people, got some photo's, and clarified the 03 variations, I suppose the first real update.
v0.1b - Gone through Richards list and added these, got some more photos for Tischfuball. Added Bas's pictures and details of some
of his many Eproms, proto's etc. Started work on Nicolas Sapin (This will be difficult)
v.01c - Gone through - Added Nacht Vlacht - descriptiona and grapics.
- It seems that Richard from seems to think that Seob's prototypes are original so we now have to classify
these as prototypes/variants!
- Been through Bas's website a little more thoroughly and added pictures of all his loose eproms
- Soren's gust sits didnt seem to have any info on prototypes
- Dieter Konig's site's info regarding 03 prototypes has been added as well.
v0.1d - Added information from Seob and Steel Balls regarding Seob's prototypes - THANKS GUYS!
- Finally managed to get through Richards site and listed all the variants, lots of possible confusioning doubles.
- Been through the Odyssey2 homepage website - Nothing new here.
v0.1e - 14/6/06 Today added photos and details of 5 new prototypes Killer Bee's three different versions, Type and Tell, and Powerlords
v0.1f - 15/6/06 I had some time early morning to go through Project for Videopacs, Virtual videopac site,Packrat games, Odyssey Mania,
and Nicolas Sapins website - I have updated the details regarding Nicola's collections of protos.
v0.1g - 16/6/06 Moonbeam's videopac page appears to be down, could not check this out for prototypes.
- There is no information on Ted Foolery's page re proto's.
- Found nothing here 8-(
- Steel Balls has 13 Eproms on a picture, could there be some new stuff here?
- Ozyr;s site has been reviewed and has thrown up more questions and queries, never mind!!!
v0.1h - 20/6/06 Went throught the QUERIES section and cleaned up another 16 duplicates. It's late and I need sleep, bye!!!
v0.1i - Gone through Richard's and Ozyr's Duplicates in the queries section.
v0.1j - Thanks to D.Koenig and Seob for noticing two errors on the list these have now been corrected.

Thanks to the following people :-

Seob - For his photo's and informing us he has some prototypes
Richard - For the best Videopac site on the net and also for supplying pics and info on his prototypes
Maurice (Buckyb)- For inspiration to comeup with list! And I still hate you for winning that prototype off me ))))!!!!!
List - For helping to keep open!!
Deiter Konig - For help with 03 prototypes
Steel Balls - For helping to playtest Seob's prototypes and giving his comments.
Nicolas Sapin - For selling a load of Proto's!!
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8 bits of fun
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« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2007, 09:07:16 PM »

This is now very out of date and needs updating. I think that when I finish the Radiola thing I will have a crack at this.

I have 12"
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« Reply #2 on: September 27, 2012, 10:02:42 PM »

v0.1g - 16/6/06 Moonbeam's videopac page appears to be down, could not check this out for prototypes.

My "it will probably never be updated" page moved a long time ago here : But I think you won't find something about protos here...
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« Reply #3 on: October 02, 2012, 09:41:57 PM »

v0.1g - 16/6/06 Moonbeam's videopac page appears to be down, could not check this out for prototypes.

My "it will probably never be updated" page moved a long time ago here : But I think you won't find something about protos here...

Nice page! I didn't know the existance of your website, sorry!
Jopac Zone is very complete (maybe Western should be removed?).
A really nice work... done with an Amiga 1200.  Shocked

Moonbeam thanks:
LIDL for chocolate

One vote for this line!  Cheesy

Give this man a Jopac!
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Oh Bollocks can I afford that Ebay item?

« Reply #4 on: November 05, 2012, 09:29:32 PM »

It has been a very long time since I wrote my prototype book which contained every prototype known on the community at the time of print. Now, more exist, I just dont have time to update the prototype list. Maybe when I'm spending less time in Science research and my Audio company, and doing my MSc, and running two clinics, I'll update it Tongue But dont hold your breath  Evil

I have 12"
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