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Author Topic: Odyssey 2 Controller PCB Boards  (Read 935 times)
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« on: March 17, 2014, 04:10:39 AM »

I got out all of my Odyssey 2 consoles to check and play tonight.  4 of them worked good, but one had dead controllers.  Both of the PCB boards had a dark corrosion on bits of the traces. I had the same issue in the past with these controllers, but was able to clean up the traces enough for them to work again, they were beyond cleaning today. I was able to replace one of the controller boards using a working one from a broken donor O2 of the two I have.  Unfortunately, the other donor PCBs I have all have problems, or don't work at all.

Are these boards a lost cause? I'm not too good with electronics, so I'm not sure if they can be fixed or if it's worth the trouble. I'm assuming I will just have to buy a donor O2 to grab the controllers.  I'm sure I can probably get a broken or untested one on eBay for cheap.  These don't pop up often locally. It seems the only parts I need to replace are the controllers. I was able to use a bit of tin foil to fix one of the broken traces, but something else is messed up on that controller and the right movement gets stuck on or isn't consistent.  I wonder if it's the climate I live in or something, or just my luck.  Anyone else have controller issues?

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