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Author Topic: Microsoft Remote Desktop - only working in window mode - and M.A.M.E. issues  (Read 4534 times)
Trying to get the cartridge in...
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« on: February 28, 2017, 02:33:54 PM »

first of all, please read these threads:

About MAME:

And Microsoft Remote Desktop:

In that wiki entry I added Odyssey 2:

What I told there was this (about O2M):

Only works in window mode, use the standard pinch-in and pinch-out gestures to zoom the emulator. I managed to make the emulator recognize my joystick for a few games by using: o2em -wsize=2 -s2=3 in the Windows command prompt, in the same folder where the O2EM.exe is. You need to type this in the PC and hit ENTER/RETURN only in the Microsoft Remote Desktop keyboard. After that hit "1" in Microsoft Remote Desktop keyboard to start playing the game. Don't use -fullscreen or wsize=3 or =4, all three won't work with Microsoft Remote Desktop.

The ROMs also have to use short filenames without any spaces (example: "ADVENTURES.bin" instead of "THE ADVENTURES.bin"). There's a pack available in the internet with short filenames, search for "Rene's VIDEOPAC".

A few games can't be played even if they are streamed because they rely on the keyboard and/or a 2nd player. Please note this emulator is supporting Odyssey 2 games a lot better than M.A.M.E., I haven't seen any game not working properly or with graphic issues.

Take a look into those screenshots:

This is from the O2M emulator running in Microsoft Remote Desktop, with the option wsize=2. As you can see I need to zoom the imagem. Audio is available:

This other image is also from my iPAD, and with zoom applied:

The problem with this work-around is that it gets boring to do it multiple times, whenever you need to run these games. O2M is not alone, a few other emulators also have the same issue, they can't go fullscreen, too. And a few others are capable of this.

If you try using -fullscreen in the command prompt, this will happen (after we hit ENTER in the Microsoft Remote Desktop keyboard):

Nothing will happen, and we will have to close O2M.

Now, with M.A.M.E. I get a fullscreen, but as I explained before, it's not working as it should.

Can you please take a look into everything I said?

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