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Author Topic: Pick Axe Pete!/#43/Didi Na Mina Encantada!  (Read 17954 times)
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« Reply #45 on: December 23, 2007, 11:01:15 PM »

I know, it's no longer game of the week. 
but i wasn't around when it was and didn't want to miss out on obsessing over my favorite.

-my high score (i've gotten oem2 about a week ago i think) is 971 on level 6 so CCC has me beat on score.
-the most doors i've been through is 13.
-I find level 6 top left easiest.
-when boulders collide, USUALLY boulders holding keys fall all the way to the bottom, but boulders containing axes drop the axe when they collide.

game improvements:
- HScrolling PAP2 is interesting (i have the demo downloaded), but i think it would be better if it was a VScrolling PAP2.  Say.. about 2 screens high.
- different size boulders would be interesting, but i don't know if it's in the scope of the 7000.
- it would be interesting if some picks or keys didn't fall all the way up or down but stopped at random levels of the mine.
- doors could also spit out mining carts (average 1 every 10 seconds).  If you bump into one that's rolling around (down only, no bouncing) then you're taken for a ride downward (the car breaks boulders it hits) just press the jump to get out and let the cart keep rolling until it hits a door. (carts move faster than boulders, sweeping you away toward the bottom if you're not expecting it.)
- add static hanging ropes.
- when you go to the next screen/mine you always appear at the bottom door with a few seconds before it activates to launch boulders.

The center collom of the mine (the collum holding the doors) does not ever disappear.  You are ALLWAYS able to climb up.

standing next to a door won't hurt you when a boulder comes out (if you are REALLY close) but you will still get hit if a boulder is going in.

If you get so far along that every floor dissappears (but of course that center collum) and go through a door....  what happens?


I'm a pain in the butt guy who asks millions of questions because I want to learn EVERYTHING.  When was it made?  what if you drop it in soda?  Can it melt? Will it run on beer?  Is it friendly to poulty? If you invert it, will it run code backwords?  Do the trees moving make the wind blow?
- Cluck
Post Axe Pete!
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« Reply #46 on: December 28, 2007, 01:03:36 PM »

Yes, those would be some nice improvements. A PAP with those improvements would be close to one of my all-time favorite computer games: Spelunker!! I am still dreaming of writing a Spelunker port some day for the Videopac :-)

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« Reply #47 on: December 28, 2007, 01:39:46 PM »

I never heard about spleunker before, is it?
I remember Ted talking on the, he?s planning something totally diferent compared to first PAP, and I think it?s good, because the sequel can?t kill the interest in the original game. For example if we wrote a Timelord adding more weapons, instead 4 kinds of weapons, the invaders will have 10. Probably, in this case, we gain a game and lose other?
Post Axe Pete!
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« Reply #48 on: December 28, 2007, 09:51:41 PM »

Yes, that is the Spelunker game I was talking of. I beat it on my Atari 130 XE several times back in the late 80s. A few years back I discovered it again on an Atari XL/XE emulator and beat it again several times.

To beat the game is not really easy as the cave is huge and there is no save game option.

I still love this game, as I said it is one of my all-time favorites.

Edit: Just found more info on the game on Wikipedia: There is even a screenshot of the C64 version which is pretty identic to the Atari XL version. It seems that the Atari XL version was the first in 1983, later they ported it over to the C64 and NES. And in 1985 (2 years after the original) they released even an arcade version of Spelunker.
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« Reply #49 on: December 28, 2007, 11:17:06 PM »

I can see why you mention it with PAP2, it looks like something from Super Mario.
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