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Author Topic: O2em Euro/Pal 50 Hz mode not working? (o2em120b5win)  (Read 239 times)
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« on: October 22, 2017, 07:27:40 PM »

I started noticing some things seeming off in the timing when comparing emulator and real PAL hw, for example my music routine played faster in emulator.

Just to verify things I wrote a short program that changes background color every 128th frame so I can count frames and time with a stop watch.
Frame-waiting is done with the waitvsync standard routine.

When running the emulator, I always get a frame-rate that corresponds to 60Hz, regardless if I run the emulator with the -euro switch or not. When counting on my real HW, I get the proper 50Hz.

The output in the console when running with -euro switch says:

Video-mode set to PAL.
Autodetecting Joystick.
Joystick 2 set to Keyboard W A S D/SPACE.
Joystick 1 set to Joystick.
Browser sorts by Gamename.
Sort order in browser set to gamename.
Video-mode set to PAL.

So the emulator has recognized the switch, but it still seem to run at 60Hz framerate.
Is this a known bug?
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