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Author Topic: Modding G7000 - Power-question + ideas welcome.  (Read 1176 times)
Trying to get the cartridge in...
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« on: May 06, 2018, 07:15:02 PM »


I'm totally new to this board - this is my first post.

I just started this little hobby, and bought a G7000 from eBay a few weeks ago. I've always wanted a G7000 since the day back when I was around 10 and went to my uncle's house with my parents. My uncle's son had a Videopac - but he was not home at the time, and I wasn't allowed to turn it on! So the whole time I was there, I sat in the sofa and studied the cartridges. At time, when no one was looking, I played around with the keyboard... It was a way too expensive toy for my parents at the time, and I never got one. Instead I was brought up with a VTech Laser 210, and later a Commodore 128. But the Videopac-memory always stayed with me... 35 years later, I now own one for the first time...

The PSU was faulty, but I wanted to mod this little thing anyway. However - it seems I got hold of a very old version.

On the back it says "G7000/35", made in France.

This is my plan:
1. Mod with a micro-USB to use a USB-charger as PSU. I like the IKEA USB-chargers, since they seem to be very safe (according to this guy: ) If I understand correctly, the G7000 uses 5V internally - is this correct?

2. Use a GBS8200-card to convert the internal RGB to VGA. Just got one of these cards via eBay as well.

3. Re-solder the joystick ports so I can use C64 joysticks.

4. Install a power button.

However - I entered into a few problems here. My version of the G7000 only have one PCB (plus the RF mod which I already have removed).

Since it doesn't seem to have a separate power board - is there any way to "bypass" the power on the PCB and solder 5V directly on to the PCB? If so - where?

The joystick-contacts are also mounted directly on the PCB. This means that re-soldering them aren't as easy as changing the cables when they are in those white contacts as I've seen on other versions. Any idea on how to re-solder them best?

Since the PCB is quite large, I won't be able to fit the GBS8200-card inside the G7000, which was the plan from the beginning. Instead, I will probably create a separate VGA-converter unit. Will be good to have for other computers/machines as well, of course...

Any help on how to easiest mod this thing would be really good.
Thanks in advance!

/ Pingo
Trying to get the cartridge in...
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« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2018, 08:53:29 PM »

I read our friend Pingo's post and I have some advice, from my experience:

-About the power (5V) feed:
You can just replace the funny and unusual female power socket on the board with a regular round-type (like the ones that can be found on most routers/modems etc) and use ANY common 9-12VDC @1A PSU with the correct polarity. Inside the Videopac's PCB there are 2 7805 regulators that will do the rest for you.
If you insist to give 5V directly, you can just solder the appropriate 5V and GND of the female socket of your taste (mini USB or whatever) to the corresponding pins under the 2 7805 ICs, so you will be directly attached to the correct rails for the whole circuit!
-About the VGA converter:
Too much trouble for you, unless you NEED to use it on a VGA monitor. There are nice RGB/SCART (for PAL/SECAM/NTSC machines) and Composite/AV (for PAL machines) mods around, so why bother with VGA? I have modded my french SECAM C52 for RGB with SCART and it rocks on my 36'' LCD TV!
-About the power switch:
Easy one, just have in mind to drill the hole on the backside at the most discrete point you can find, in order not to spoil the original appearance of the machine!  Wink
-About the joystick ports:
Pinout is slightly different than the one of "atari type" joysticks, so I have 3 suggestions for you
a) You cut the traces that go from the soldering points of the female joystick sockets to the rest of the circuit and re-solder (with small wire pieces) the appropriate traces to the correct soldering points of the female socket, in order to match the pinout of the atari-type. This option will be the most "neat" and "permanent", but you won't be able to use the original Videopac joysticks any more (unless you modify them as well, to be atari-compatible), so not recommended.
b) You build a simple adaptor with 9pin DSUB female to 9pin DSUB male with a small piece of cable, sending the necessary Videopac-pinout lines from the one end to a scheme of Atari-pinout to the other end. This is the most easy and no further modifications will be ever needed to the machine or any joysticks.
c) You internally modify 1-2 joysticks of your taste (with atari-type pinout) to match the Videopac pinout. This is easy, too, but then your joysticks will become unusable with other consoles, computers etc. and will be for use with Videopac only!

Cheers, hope these helped you a little...

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« Reply #2 on: June 09, 2018, 06:57:28 PM »

I have done the same with my videopac

8 bits of fun
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