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Author Topic: Modding G7000 - Power-question + ideas welcome.  (Read 123 times)
Trying to get the cartridge in...
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« on: May 06, 2018, 07:15:02 PM »


I'm totally new to this board - this is my first post.

I just started this little hobby, and bought a G7000 from eBay a few weeks ago. I've always wanted a G7000 since the day back when I was around 10 and went to my uncle's house with my parents. My uncle's son had a Videopac - but he was not home at the time, and I wasn't allowed to turn it on! So the whole time I was there, I sat in the sofa and studied the cartridges. At time, when no one was looking, I played around with the keyboard... It was a way too expensive toy for my parents at the time, and I never got one. Instead I was brought up with a VTech Laser 210, and later a Commodore 128. But the Videopac-memory always stayed with me... 35 years later, I now own one for the first time...

The PSU was faulty, but I wanted to mod this little thing anyway. However - it seems I got hold of a very old version.

On the back it says "G7000/35", made in France.

This is my plan:
1. Mod with a micro-USB to use a USB-charger as PSU. I like the IKEA USB-chargers, since they seem to be very safe (according to this guy: ) If I understand correctly, the G7000 uses 5V internally - is this correct?

2. Use a GBS8200-card to convert the internal RGB to VGA. Just got one of these cards via eBay as well.

3. Re-solder the joystick ports so I can use C64 joysticks.

4. Install a power button.

However - I entered into a few problems here. My version of the G7000 only have one PCB (plus the RF mod which I already have removed).

Since it doesn't seem to have a separate power board - is there any way to "bypass" the power on the PCB and solder 5V directly on to the PCB? If so - where?

The joystick-contacts are also mounted directly on the PCB. This means that re-soldering them aren't as easy as changing the cables when they are in those white contacts as I've seen on other versions. Any idea on how to re-solder them best?

Since the PCB is quite large, I won't be able to fit the GBS8200-card inside the G7000, which was the plan from the beginning. Instead, I will probably create a separate VGA-converter unit. Will be good to have for other computers/machines as well, of course...

Any help on how to easiest mod this thing would be really good.
Thanks in advance!

/ Pingo
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