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Author Topic: Cleaning joysticks  (Read 677 times)
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« on: March 02, 2019, 05:11:04 PM »

Long time ago I made a topic about cleaning yellow-grown joysticks back to white (the black/white videopac Joysticks of G7000).
I succeeded:

I then used 'washing benzin' but I discovered that it is not necessary:

Now I've brought back the original grey color of Jopac-joysticks. Originally they are nice grey, but with aging it also colors to grey/yellowish
and it becomes beige.

All I use are soap pads (really cheap, less then 2 euro for 6 pads). The soap pads work a like very fine sandpaper and at the same time it washes
off the dirt. First you have to dampen the pads with hot water before you start. I had to repeat actions a couple of time over and over again :
sanding with the pads with little strong hand-power, then wash it off with hot water, dry it with towel, checking the color, sanding, washing off,
drying, checking, sanding, washing off........until color is all back at the whole surface of the joystick-part.
It takes a quite a while (2 hours of work, you also have to disassemble and assemble back the stick, I can do that now with my eyes almost
closed in all these years of repairing sticks  Roll Eyes), but the results are really nice. At least, I'm happy with it  Smiley .

The pads work like sandpaper, but it's so fine that you don't have to be afraid of scratches. Enjoy the pictures.
In the first picture you see the difference, the right joystick is cleaned, the left not yet.
Second picture you see the cleaning with soap pad. Notice the color difference in the center which I didn't have to clean, the original color was preserved
in the center because it was not exposed to light and dust for 35 years (because of the lid which happely was present, most of the times the lids are lost
and you can see the metal of the stick). Connecting my joysticks back to the J01450 and I'm ready to go  Cool
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