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Radiola Rarity List

Started by ANDYRYALS, September 25, 2007, 08:00:43 PM

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Maintained by ARYALS

v1.4   -   25/2/09   

This file details Radiola Rarity for the Phillips Videopac. I have surveryed 12 collectors for the machineand correlated there collection, as such I have made a list of how rare each item is. This list will be updatedfrom time to time. Only five people collect Radiola out of the 12 people surveyed. As time goes by hopefullynew collectors will provide more details and make the guide more accurate. All Radiola's are rarer than standard Phillips games but some Radiola are rarer than others this list hopes to provide an accurate account of Radiola rarity.

What do all the rarity acronyms mean?

R   - RARE


A      HG      0
1      C              5
2      R      3
3      UC      4
4      C      5
5      ER      2
6      C      6
7      R      3
8      ER      2
9      UC      4
10      C      6
11      C      6
12      UC      4
13      ER      2
14      C      6
15      C      5
16      C      6
17      R      3
18      UC           4
19      C      5
20      C      6
21      ER      2
22      C      4
23      UC      4
24      C      6
25      C      5
26      R      3
27      C      5
28      R      3
29      UC      4
30      R      3
31      R      3
32      C      5
33      UC      4
34      C        5
35      UC      4
36      C      5
37      UC      4
38      C      5
39      UC           4
40      UC      4
41      HG      0               Adverts for this but a copy has not surfaced.
42      HG      0               Adverts for this but a copy has not surfaced.
43      R           3
44      R      3
45      R      3
46      HG             0
47      UC      4
48      HG      0
49      HG      0
CHESS MODULE   HG    0             Advert exist but no catridge has surfaced.           


The rarest Radiola's to find appears to be Radiola A, Radiola 5,8,21,13,45.

Radiola cartrdiges are rare in the UK as they were not released here. You will probably find Radiola's being advertised but they will probably come from oversea's. France is the best place to buy Radiola's altough they are known to crop up in Holland, Germany, Belgium, Spain and Austria. Radiola's are not just confined to these countries but if you want to start collecting them you stand a much better chance of finding them there. The second best place to collect Radiola's are the Collectors themselves, also stay in tune with the Videopac websites and Forums as Radiola's do go up for sale from time to time.


Radiola's are quite rare, paperbox Radiola are even more rare! I have given all of these
the status of HG unless proven otherwise. As more information emerges a clearer picture
of Paperbox radiola rarity will emerge.

A      UR      2   
1      UR         2
2          ?HG      0 - Confirmed as existing but nobody has a copy
3      UR+      1
4      HG      0
5      UR      2
6      UR+      1
7      UR+      1
8      UR+      1       
9          ?HG      0 - Confirmed as existing but nobody has a copy
10      UR      2
11      HG      0
12      UR+      1
13      UR+      1
14      ER      3
15      HG      0
16      UR      2
17      HG      0
18      UR+      1
19      UR      2
20      ER      3
21      R      3
22      UR+      1
23      UR      2
24      ER      3
25      ER      4
26      UR+      1

We think that  A, 41, 42, 46,48, 49 & chess module do not exist as copies have not surfaced so far.

Paperbox radiola 4,11,15,17 have not been confirmed yet.

Paperbox 17 may never ever have been released as noboby has ever seen a phillips
17 paperbox release!!

v0.1   - Several months of collecting data brought the first version of the list.
v0.2   - Radiola 31 has been downgraded from UR to R.
v0.3       - Dronspa noted an error in the list and now 46 has been properly graded as UR rather 
               HG, thanks mate!
v0.4       - What the hell! Found Dronspa's data and now the rarity of
                1/2/4/6/10/11/14/16/19/20/22/24/34/36/37/38/39/44 has been changed.      
v0.5   - Corrected an error to 46 and downgraded the rarity of 43 and 47.    
v0.6        - Finally added a small section for paperbox Radiola rarity, I have updated mine and
                Maurice's collection for the Paperbox section.
v0.7       - George Paperbox collection data has been added 1, 5, 14, 16, 20 & 25.
v0.8       - George informs me that Paperbox 8 exists and I confirm this on Ebay France
v0.9        - BuckyB has given me info on his paperbox collection and now we have downgraded  and confirmed the following paperbox Radiola A,1,3,6,10,16,19,25. Thanks my friend.
v1.0    - Maurice "BuckyB" has given us further evidence that Radiola 41,42 and Chess module may exist but as yet we are still waiting for a copy.
v1.1    - Thanks to some excellent work from GRGH I now have a 45 and he has a 13. The rarity
             of these two games has now come down from UR to ER. But these are probably the
             rarest Radiola's to collect apart from Radiola A, and the HG status Radiola's! I have also
             smartened the rarity list up a little and included some tips on how to collect Radiola's.

v1.2a    - Updated the status of Radiola A to HG, the plastic box version of this has never
             surfaced and thus has been upgraded from UR to HG status. Radiola A paperbox
             does exist but only one copy is known. Thanks to Dronspa and GrGH for this.
           - Downgraded the rarity of Radiola 7 and 45.
           - Added details of GrGH Radiola paperbox collection, the status of Paperbox
              1,5,7,8,14,16,18,19,20,21,23,24,25,26 has been updated.
           - Added Dronspa's latest purchases as well.
           - Corrected a small error in radiola's which are thought not to exist.
           - Added a new section Unconfirmed Paperbox / plastic
           - Updated Dronspa's paperbox collection and now several paperbox have been
              confirmed as existing.
v1.3    - KC Space odyssey sent his listings in and I have updated the list accordingly
v1.4    - Dronspa informed me that 2 and 9 paperbox radiola existed today, so the list
            has been updated again!
          - Updated the notes for unconfirmed Paperbox Radiolas

I have 12"


According to my files, I have the following cardboard Radiola games:

A Newscaster
1 Race / Spinout / Crypto
3 American Football
6 Ten Pint Bowling / Vasketball
10 Golf
14 Gunfighter
16 Depth Charge / Marksman
19 Catch the Ball / Nought & Crosses
25 Skiing

Can't check, as most of that stuff is boxed up, somewhere out of reach. Still, my excel files should be uptodate.


Thanks maurice, I actually included your collection's data. We briefly chatted on the old VP.Org forum and you gave me info on what you had so I have included you. If you have more info then please send it!
I have 12"


Are you sure this info was included before? I think I only reported my normal Radiola games to you on The list I just gave you are my cardboard Radiola games.


Nope I'm a DUMB ARSE!!!! I thought that you just sent me normal radiola. When I get time tomorrow will update list. THANKS for taking time to go through your collection!!!!!!!!!
I have 12"


OK, your data has been added.
I have 12"


Totally offtopic, but still nice, some teasers from a Radiola folder I got:

1. Front page.
2. Hey, there's that Radiola C7010 again. Never seen in Real Life, but Radiola had it listed in some catalogs.
3. First game listed 8)
4. ...and last one.

Also check out that last page, again mentioning 41 and 42. Like C7010, they don't seem to exist, but they're in the Radiola catalogs.
I can't quite translate the first one, they don't mention any game in particular, is that just about games in general? My French sucks :-)


I have 12"


A very small update has been added!
I have 12"


Bloody I got bored today so I have updated it again! See the tips section and I smartened the thing up a little, also compressed things as well.
I have 12"


Erm... not sure if you have my latest paperbox Radiola list (see the 2nd pic): reborn Dec-07, forever an ongoing project.


You do realise that it will take nearly another year for me to update this  :(
I have 12"


due to the thanks of george , dronspa and ebay ive started collecting these ;)

ive collected up to now


31 on its way

--- DONT GIVE UP COLLECTING NOW.............                                ---


Add 8 and 20 at your list, list!  ;)

K-C Space Odyssey

Hello  :) .

  I've just looked at my old game collection and I've found four radiola cartridges:

      plastic box :  4  and  39

      paper box  :  10  and  21.