NEW GAME and special BOOK (and more!) to come from Côté Gamers! ! Check this topic!

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NEW GAME and special BOOK (and more!) to come from Côté Gamers!

Started by RayXambeR, December 29, 2021, 07:32:30 PM

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The next game for Odyssey2/Videopac will have a collector's edition including:
-A box set
-The game with a holographic sticker
-A book in A4 format
-Some surprise bonuses

I am in charge of the contents for the book and it will concern the homebrew scene on O2/VP. Since long time now, I am in contact with a maximum of developers (not only Rafael! ;) to collect a maximum of exclusive informations. This book will exist in English and also in French. If you love th home-brew O2 scene, I think you will be glad with such a book.
I am near to finalize it. I need some little months to finish and mainly make a good proofreading. If someone here could be interested to help me for this task (a native English reader is appreciated :) please contact me by a personal message.

And about the bonus, they are not totally determined but they have chance to be exclusive goodies made specifically for this occasion and be part of a huge project (not only centered on O2/VP). I am working on some too.

I think Côté Gamers will give more information in the next weeks/months.

Here is the image posted by Côté Gamers on Twitter and Facebook.



Put me down for one!  Also if you need proofreading help I can try to help.  I am a native English speaker (I live in Florida in USA which is kind of like another country but still in the USA :D) plus I was an English Major in college.


Awesome! This is very exciting. I was very happy with the Frozen Fort Collectors' Edition and I look forward to learning more about the next game in the Côté Gamers pipeline!


Thanks for your messages :)

@Alevin16, many thanks for your help. I will send you soon a personal message!

And happy new year to everybody, 2022 seems to be a good year for our beloved system :)


Super, un nouveau jeux de chez côté gamer  ;)
En attendant je me replonge dans les fanzines revival


Just a little update to mention that the content of the book is now totally finished! I say in French AND in English language thanks to two proof readers from this forum :) I will make some greetings when the book will be available. Time now to constitue all the files, will all illustrations and, then, I'll transmit all elements to Côté Gamers for the layout!
And, in the next weeks, I will be focused on the second game release that comes in bundle with the book!

We will show you things when we will have things to show! ;) For the moment, no visual but be sure we are preparing them!

Stay tuned and many thanks to all people involved in this project!


Hi everybody. A little news concerning this project, one bad and one good, concerning the same thing! ;)

Yes we already have some delay in this project and, bad news, Tanuki who is in charge of layout has made approximately half the book but has totally lost the files, two of his hard disks are out of order :(
So probably the layout has to be restarted in totality. Fortunately, the special Zelda fan book in two volumes has already be printed before this big crash.

And the good news is that the original files are saved, as I necessarily have them as I have written all the contents!

Also I will take this opportunity to include the very last news in the homebrew development. And really sorry Rafael about the delay for your game too, that will come in bundle with the book.
We are a bit disappointed but really motivated to finalize this huge project. Now, an approx. date could be first quarter of 2023 and, in any cas, as soon as possible! :)

Thanks for your understanding!


Best wishes to all of us here, on this fantastic forum!

Some little news from Côté Gamers about the Videopac releases. Some little delays (sorry for that) but we have a sort of timeline for 2023! Here it is:

- In March, an exclusive game called Demon Fire, made by Rafael. Also in big box, with making-of book, etc. like the packaging for our previous Frozen Fort.
- End of spring, the book (finally!) including the latest games released on O2/VP scene of course (I am actualizing the content of the book actually) AND a specific game only available in bundle with the book: Monkey Jump, made by Rafael too (thanks to him!).
- During fall, two game releases. One sport game and one shooting game. No much to say for the moment but, of course, these games were included in the contents of the book ;)

For all of our game releases, note that we have modeled a 3D cartridge in order to avoid to "destroy" original casings. The cartridge has the same dimension, the same handful, but not the same parts, new PCB (made by "fantastic Marc" of course!) and some elements to design yourself the cartridge!
Each cartridge has the same form but will be personalized with elements from each game. Hope you will appreciate the effort!

We have other projects for Videopac, perhaps not for this year but I have thought about, after this book, making a sort of Videopac magazine, one issue per year. In this book we can have all the informations about the VP/O2 scene during a full year and a more things of course. We can think about such a magazine at the end of each winter period. So the first one will se the light of day around february 2025 and will cover the year 2024 and a little part of 2023, in order to complete the book.
Other projects in mind but nothing to say for the moment.

Can it be a good idea to create a one year magazine according to you, here? Consider that as a sort of "poll" :)


Thanks for sharing all of that news.  I am interested in a yearly magazine



Yes, I will open another topic about Demon Fire only. I think it will be done in few minutes :)


Some news from this project. Always on the way but a bit delayed (again!) as our Vectrex projects (announced soon) have taken more time than planned. The full layout of book will be finalized for this summer, not end of spring as announced before. Around end of july you can place your orders (and the two games Demon Fire and Monkey Jump too) for a end of september date of delivery.
Sorry again for this delay, myself can't wait for having it in my hands considering the long work made but I can just be patient... and probably my friends like Rafael or Andrew too! ;)



The book is in the layout phase. It has been a bit delayed in order to add the last information about the last game planned on VP/O2 scene (i.e. Relics of the Mad King). But, from now, content is 100% finished and layout has begun. After there will be a time for verification of the layout.
I think preorders will be opened next month (august is not a great month for that).
I can only say "be patient"!
And thanks a lot for your interest in this ambitious project, we appreciate any support.