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Title: My Videopac story
Post by: marco38 on July 30, 2014, 02:46:53 PM
Hi all,

I will introduce myself, my name is Marco, 43 years old, born and raised in Eindhoven the hometown of Philips. Now I live just outside Eindhoven (Veldhoven), father of three children. I love the Videopac and Iím collecting videopac stuff since 2001. Soon I will post my Videopac collection here.

I have been following this forum for several years now and thought to myself I leave my story do what the Videopac meant to me. In the late 1970s I first encountered the videopac via a birthday party by a friend of mine. A few months later after seeing the Videopac at my cousin, my parents bought for me and my sister a Videopac console with the game baseball. My parents bought this in the store, despite the fact that my grandfather and uncle worked at Philips and  could get a discount from 25 till 50 percent for Philips products.

The Videopac games we have got over the years where race spin-out or cryptogram, pick axe pete, kc munchkin, turtles, night mare, freedom fighters, super cobra, terrahawks. When we had no interest anymore in the Videopac, the Philips P2000 and MSX did their entrance in our House, the Videopac was passed on to a nephew of mine. What he had done with it I do not know. Another cousin of mine had the Board game the quest for the rings. We have played this game a lot when it was a rainy day.

Further I remember  that the Videopac games were copied by employees of Philips. The father of my best friend worked at Philips and copied the latest games on eproms. We had to stick these eproms into a socket. In addition, his father was also handy with electronics and made a multi-card.  This was not as neatly packaged in a videopac cartrigde. It was a circuit board with the IC's which were open and exposed.  Selecting of games was done by setting the dipswitches.

For me, the Videopac is nostalgic and I had fine moments at that time. What's nice to see is that my two youngest children (8 and 12 year old) still play on the Videopac.

 :) :) ;)

Title: Re: My Videopac story
Post by: Janzl on July 30, 2014, 09:24:16 PM
Hi Marco, welcome to the forums and thanks for sharing.

I also lived close to Eindhoven (Helmond) and my uncle was working at the Philips division next to the game developers. I got lucky and could pay them a visit.

Lot's of emlployees copied games back then and in the past you occasionally bumped into those eproms at the fleemarkets in and around Eindhoven. That's also the way a couple of unreleased games were discovered.

Have fun on the forums and see you in the future :-)

Title: Re: My Videopac story
Post by: Ozyr on July 31, 2014, 08:17:27 AM
Howdy Marco, welcome to the best place on the net, for O2/VP material, people, and much more.

Title: Re: My Videopac story
Post by: VideopacBelgium on July 31, 2014, 10:07:20 AM
Hello Marco,
Welcome here.
Nice Videopac story.

Title: Re: My Videopac story
Post by: Rene_G7400 on August 03, 2014, 10:40:31 PM
Welcome to the forum Marco.

The "multicart" that you described, was it something like on this picture?

Title: Re: My Videopac story
Post by: marco38 on September 28, 2014, 10:23:32 AM
Hi Rene,

No, not in this form. The IC's where soldierd on the board end also the PCB at one end had the same as a original cartrigde, so you could put in direct in the console. The disadvantage was that sometimes the PCB was touched or moved the comsole just resetted itself. So al the components where on one PBC. If I've have time I will draw you a picture.

By the way Rene your find of this early self made multicart is a nice find.