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G7000/53 works with mistakes

Started by Markus_64, August 19, 2019, 08:52:29 PM

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Hello community,

i am new in this console area because did not know that this console exists  ;:)
So i bought one and (G7000/53) and the console starts, load the modul but the function is incorrect.
I made a video you can see, that the Starttimer (?) or counter starts with the default value, but then it counts wrong. I think there is the wrong char transfered into the field.

an other example is Module No. 2 - Memory. The table starts with letters A to T and when i  pickup a letter and it is wrong, it will turn around and now is there a wrong letter or symbol.

the chars are hardcodet in the Video- Rom ?

I hope, i explained it understandably ( my english is very bad ... germany)

here the video-link:

(the twitching video is because my TV, has problems with old consoles and RF-modulator)


One of our dogs had pissed on my first Ody. He got a problem similar to his own (and color variations), but a few games worked.


funny ! or not  ???

today i solved the problem. It was due to a broken RAM -Chip (MCM 6810). I pluged in a new one (Fairchild6810) and tada ! it works.

Is it possible to create a hombrew diagnostic-card, or a simple RAM-Test as an .rom file ?
I have a multi-modul, so could flash the test-rom and check the VIDEOPAC