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The last thing bought ....

Started by manopac, November 13, 2009, 02:20:42 PM

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Quote from: grgh on November 17, 2009, 03:25:06 AM
I just ventured outside of Odyssey2:

nice one ... even including the shipping box ... been thinking about buying one for ages but didn't make my mind up yet ...
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Well there has been one sitting on BIN for some time now at US$500, but then this one even had the shipping box which was a little feature I really liked and so thought it was worth the extra bit.

Having said that, I don't think I've seen a cheaper one anyway although its not something I watch for. reborn Dec-07, forever an ongoing project.


For (complete) Odyssey consoles without the extra shipping box, $100 is a more normal price.


i payed 260$ for my export version of odyssey, but that one is farly rare. It was with box and manual no shipping box.


Three people went over $300 (maybe more depending on when they placed a bid), and at least six people were prepared to pay over $100.

I guess this one must be 'best in class', proper mint with all the trimmings  ;D reborn Dec-07, forever an ongoing project.


Where do you find them complete for $100 Rene  ??? Can't remember ever seeing them for that price boxed and complete.


I'm very happy now, I've just received 3 rare Jopac games: Laser, Monster and Mith & Math!  :)


Bought a philips ambx light kit for my pc for 25 euro.
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Last things I bought recently:

O2/VP related...
- Finally payed for my Route 66+ cart. Now I await it in the mail (thank Dieter)!

On the non-VP/O2 side (no one specified otherwise yet):
- Photoshop Elements 8
- Ice Age 3 Blu-Ray (super cheap deal)
- Rhythm Heaven (DS) (love this weeks sales)
- Guitar Hero 5 (Wii) (another super good deal)
- The Rockets CD (The Rockets and No Balads)
- Best of Jethro Tull CD
- Nothing Safe CD (ALice in Chains)
- Nintendo DSi White Bundle
- DSi Metal Case
- 4GB card for DSi
- Very Best of Deep Purple CD
- The Man Who Fell To Earth (Blu-Ray)

Again, most if not all of this was bought earlier this week, from some very good deal on the Web. I love early Black Friday sales!  ;D


got another Austrian Videopac-Storage box :-) (unfortunatly without the black plastic inside, and its different then the ones in the Netherlands-Box)

anyone needs one ?  ;)
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just bought King of Fighters 99 and 2000 for ny Neo Geo AES collection and I also got
Kriss Kross for my Sega Mega CD collection (only need 4 now for a complete collection)!!
I have 12"


Hope to have a neogeo AES someday. Love metal slug.
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I used to have an AES but sold it ... I found it just too expensive, especially for the games I was interested in (Metal Slug Series and the shooters) - decided to by an MVS board instead and am colleting the MVS carts I want now :-)
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