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New Videopac Item soon avaible

Started by Spiderman, August 11, 2010, 12:02:29 PM

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Quote from: Seob on December 13, 2010, 10:45:34 PM
Just found this video about the retrofair. Rene is also present in this video  :D.

Is that Rene when they talk about the unreleased Magacart (muilticart with menus and simple reset button)? That multi-cart looks very good!!!  8)


Yes indeed that's rene. The cart sure looks good, i tryed it when i was there. Hope that rene will release it. Like the search function.
8 bits of fun



Thanks for the video link.  I REALLY like Rene's invention.  It looks AWESOME! 


And about the Videopac with switchs, what it does?


Those switches where on the videopac to emulate hardware failures so they could demonstrate the service card.
I almost got Rene when i asked about the switches, about an hour before they revealed the game.
8 bits of fun


Shame I couldn?t see it working :'(. Ren? could do a video with some of your creations.


The Videopac Service Test Cartridge is still for sale.
I don't have the modified G7000 with the switches anymore.


I'm talking about more footage in the events. Every year you make these events, but I think the Odyssey fans who do not live in Netherlands (or it just me?), like to see what was presented etc.., h And not only this event but others as well. For example, I know, in last year Manopac made a presentation  Grid Defender, and it would be good if we could see how was the presentation of the game, as people participated in it, etc..


Very Thanks, Seob. ;) The new releases videos are ever cool. I liked specially the first video you send, because it?s more specific on Videpoac section.