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Started by revivalstudios, February 17, 2012, 12:40:47 AM

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Just letting you know i have added some social media outlets (facebook, twitter , g+ , youtube) to my website.

The idea is that i will try to post regular (if possible daily) updates on twitter/facebook about the different things i'm working on. I'm always working on something, be it videopac, vectrex, msx, colecovision, zx81, etc. so there should be enough to write about.

So here are the links where you can follow me on a more day to day basis:

Twitter ->!/revival_studios
Facebook ->
* Just opened this page, i need 25 likes to get a proper URL for it, so help me out ;-)

I'm also trying to put some more videos up on youtube in the coming months: trailers from released and upcoming games, footage from unreleased work, and videos of my personal videogame collections.

My youtube channel is at: - Classic videogame development - Indie games on PC, Mobile and Consoles - My own games and videogame collection for sale
Follow me on twitter (@revival_studios , @bitstormgames) for the latest information about my upcoming proje