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Started by Packrat, October 16, 2007, 07:07:46 PM

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List moved to here due to size constraints


Mission impossible/ programmed trip 1ste release got released in mid 2006 don't know the exact date. Somewhere on digital press Lurpak and CCC says it wil be released on July 1 2006. So this could be the date.

The price i got on my reciept is:
MIPT game ? 60,-
P&P ? 6,-
Optional additional insurance ? 4,-
Member discount - ? 26,-
Total ? 44,-. So maybe this is the correct price?
On the site the price for a 1ste edtion mipt is ? 34,-
2nd edition ? 15,-

MIPT original designed by ectron
8 bits of fun



Just to remember, Mission Impossible/Programmed Trip is not a prototype, this game was released originaly by a small brazilian company called Ectron.


Okay, list updated again (16/10/2007)... thanks to dronspa, seob, and Rafael


another tweak... added all the know multi-carts, and alphabetized the list.

Will see what I can do down the line to make this thing look better.


once again: Dieter did not program Flashpoint ;-) (it was Rex Battenberg and the game was an O3 prototype)
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Quote from: manopac on October 18, 2007, 09:03:44 AM
once again: Dieter did not program Flashpoint ;-) (it was Rex Battenberg and the game was an O3 prototype)

SOrry, obviously missed that. Corrected for now. As far as it being an O3 prototype, I'm not documenting that here (at least not at this point in time) - just released games and some fact behind them.


Route 66 was number 66.
Surely being an O3 proto counts as special  ??? reborn Dec-07, forever an ongoing project.


Interpol version 1 had 40 copies released. There that can be used to update the list!
I have 12"


update 18/10/07.

Okay, update 66 with #66,

Making note of O3 proto  :P

Interol amounts!? says 50 were made. So is this true, or is it really 40!?

Thanks manopac, grgh and andryals!  :)


The Collector's Edition of Flash Point came in a box.



List updated. Thanks ccc--- !   8)

I also put the Tut game on here, along with the Spidey P.B. style box.


I remembered the 205 multcart, but how I  know the most of people have problems with it. It was 6 months to receive my copy, without manual, and I need to be happy, since some of people I know never saw it.