Reliving my Dos games

Started by Seob, February 10, 2013, 12:12:18 PM

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Quote from: Seob on February 14, 2013, 11:57:22 PM
The few that use a atari st. Only had one uncle with a st, everybody else had a amiga or pc.

Yeah, had a whole range of them: started with the 260ST (=budget 520ST with a single sided 3.5" external floppy drive), upgraded it to the max internally and externally.. First used it on a 'RGB in' modified Sharp portable color TV.
Later on I bought a hugely expensive but reliable Eizo Flexscan 8060s, the only monitor which could handle both 70Hz 640x400 monochrome progressive and the lower color resolutions (50Hz 320x200 and 640x200 PAL)

Then a MegaSTE and finally a TT (still have that one, built into a huge tower case) which I occasionally use for programming GAL chips.. I once even had a large monochrome screen for that one (adapted a Viking 20 inch) which was very nice for coding.
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I had an ST too. For me it was a logical successor of my 130XE. First I had a 520STM, later a 1040STE. Later I upgraded the RAM to 2 MB (or was it 4 MB?). The SM124 b/w monitor was brilliant. And I had a Philips CM8833II which I used with both my 130XE and the ST. Today the CM8833II is connected again to my 130XE.


I still use a philips cm8833 to as monitor for my old computers, one of the best monitors.

Tryed Alley Cat yesterday. Nice game, but I have to find out how it works.

Played wolfenstein 3d, and it has a nice exit screen. Hope they can't erase a mac hdd.
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