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Started by timdu, November 15, 2014, 03:12:20 PM

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I must defend Chris. He started programming this game in June of 2013.

He only began programming games for the Odyssey2 / Videopac in 2012.
So he is a relatively new programmer. I have a lot of respect for Chris because he takes the time to learn how to program, is persistent, has a " won't give up attitude," and is willing to take suggestions when he is making and developing a game.

NICE ICE! also did not get released until Nov. of 2014. It got a little delayed... Still, all things considered ... it is a charming , unique little game.

NICE ICE! is one of my favorites...  I am a "softee" for Christmas-themed games, anyway....   ;:)



For sure, I have also a lot of respect for Chris.
It's a marvellous Christmas theme.
I've simply said "a small animation would have been welcome"  :)
Videopac digger


OK  - I misunderstood you. I read it as you were dissapointed with the game and you did not like the game... my mistake.
It is easy to make mistakes and take things into the wrong context so easily on the internet.


Don't like this game either :( Where is the gameplay...


I am making a post / update to this message.

Now that the 2021 Christmas season is upon us, it is always fun to play Christmas-themed games.

I would like to let you know that I am still offering NICE ICE! on cartridge. You can still own one of the 100 serial-numbered cartridges!

For a limited time, I am including a nice black plastic durable storage box with a color printed insert.

You can get more information and order on my web site:

If you have any questions, please let me know.

thank you and Happy Holidays!

Tim D.