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Author Topic: Midwest Gaming Classic - April 12-13 2014 (Brookfield, WI, USA)  (Read 3467 times)
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Packrat Video Games

« on: March 18, 2014, 09:21:12 AM »

The Midwest Gaming Classic is the largest all-encompassing electronic gaming trade show in the Midwest (in the United States)!

Our 2014 event will be held on Saturday, April 12, 2014, from 10:00am to 8:00pm and Family Day Sunday, April 13, 2014, from 10:00am to 5:00pm.

The Midwest Gaming Classic is about celebrating gaming. All of the main organizers of the Midwest Gaming Classic are gamers first. The show began in 2001 as a celebration of one of our favorite game consoles, and it has blossomed since then into a 40,000+ square foot gaming extravaganza that covers everything a gamer could want to know about the industry, from Pong to the PS4 and everything in between (and even older with some of the pinball machines)!The Midwest Gaming Classic is about trying new things. No matter what you are into now, we want you to stop in and try your hand at a little bit of everything. If you like the old school games, try some of the latest ones. If you like new games, try some of the old. If you like pinball, take the time to check out the computers. And so on. The Midwest Gaming Classic will introduce you to all aspects of electronic gaming, and you’ll have a lot of fun with them all.The Midwest Gaming Classic is about learning things about the hobby of electronic gaming. No one knows every aspect about his or her favorite aspects of gaming. Whether you find out something new by interacting with the person that created the game or just another fan who found something neat out, if you look around, there are lots of great opportunities to learn new and exciting things about your favorite hobby.

The Midwest Gaming Classic is about meeting other people who share the love of electronic gaming. The event is a place where friends who chat on the internet get together to meet face-to-face for the first time; where old friends run into each other and discuss their favorite arcade game that they used to play together as kids in the arcade. Everyone can meet new friends who share a common interest.

Finally, the Midwest Gaming Classic is fun. This means exactly what it sounds like. If you come to the show and you enjoy any sort of electronic gaming, you will have fun playing your favorites, competing against others, hearing from people in the industry about how games are made and finding new games to purchase and play. No matter if you only have one console and a handful of games or so many different games and consoles that you lost count years ago, you’ll have fun at this show.

I’m extremely excited about the upcoming event, and we will keep you updated with all of the happenings for the show on this web site, so make sure to sign up for the mailing list and check back often to find out all about the exciting things that will be happening at the show. Thanks for stopping by today, and make sure to say “hi” to me when you see me at the show!

Dan Loosen

And my little corner again at the MGC show...

The Underdog Chamber:  Displaying playable consoles and computers that were not the best selling systems of their time, but are great systems non-the-less. Play many of the rare and unique consoles that history nearly forgot after being steamrolled by the juggernauts of their day.  The UC also features a ever popular Quake network of iMacs, a Steel Battalion network on Xbox consoles. This will be the 2nd time that Packrat Video Games, LLC will be there, within the UC area. This year besides showing off our various homebrews, Packrat will be selling games too. Hopes are good that Rafael's Shooting Gallery/Minefield will be introduced (and for sale) at the show. Chris Read's Traffic will be on display too, and possibly for sale (if not, it will within a month of the show, if all goes well). Chris Read's Explosive Diarrhea for the Atari 2600 should be on sale at the show too (the pre-cursor for the Odyssey2 version). Smiley

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