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Started by Chris!, June 05, 2016, 12:15:35 AM

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It looks like you've used a movx instead of a mov instruction.


Quote from: Chris! on June 06, 2016, 10:59:04 PM
Yes, I programmed a version of Insecticide for the Virtual Boy. They're supposed to be releasing it, but the guy who does it apparently keeps forgetting about it so it hasn't been released yet.

Who is releasing it?


Well then how would I check to see if the fighternumber is the same as fighter1number?

mov r0,#fighternumber
mov a,@r0
add a,#001h ; adjust x pos
mov @r0,a

mov r1,#fighter1number
mov a,@r1
xrl a,r0
jz add_more_right______

@Scotty - UncleTusk was supposed to release it.
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After a ton of attempts (I've lost count), I think I have it this time. Player 1 can press fire to select a fighter, and player 2 can scroll through the three available fighters. Player 2 cannot choose a fighter, because I haven't got that far yet. Like I said, this took a ton of unneeded time. Let me know if I did something wrong.
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Noticed the sprites were hard to see for a fighting game, so I doubled the size of them to make it easier to see. I fixed some mistakes I had made but couldn't see with a few spots on the sprites and noticed Rumble-bee's wings were a bit odd, so I redesigned the sprite set. Let me know what you think of the new Rumble-bee.
All my Odyssey2 projects, now in one place!


Good to see you working on this Chris!

At one point i thought about bringing over Boxing Champ (a game i made for ZX81/CBMPET) to the videopac, as it contains a nice mix of strategy and action to the boxing game, but for now i parked the idea because it might be too similar (in terms of sideview boxing) of Rafaels boxing demo. - Classic videogame development - Indie games on PC, Mobile and Consoles - My own games and videogame collection for sale
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After a year of not working on this, I decided to start up again. Since this is a 2-player game, I decided that random numbers aren't needed. It would be really hard to program opponent AI, so I'm just making it a 2-player game. And since random numbers aren't needed, I decided to make the game prettier by extending the horizons. I also fixed a few bugs that were in version 8. This will definitely be a 4k game since the titlescreen/fighter select screens are taking up over 1,200 bytes. I'm going for a sort of Title Match Pro Wrestling (for the Atari 2600) sort of game. Like up will be used to kick, and down for punch and Action for jump, etc. Right now you can choose the players and after player 2 chooses his, it just goes back to the title screen since I haven't got that far yet.
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Spent a few hours on this more today. Notice the size of this latest binary: 4k. That's what most of the work was done: Trying to make it 4k. But I did it. After each player selects his fighter, it goes to the beginning of a fight screen, only the players can't move yet. Now that I have the bulk of bankswitching figured out, I can work on bank 0. (Bank 1 is the beginning bank, I got it to switch to the other bank on my first try!) Bank 0 is where the fight will be. But I need to design sprites, and need some help. After all, how does one draw a punching bee?
All my Odyssey2 projects, now in one place!