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"VIDEOPAC Instructions for Use" website

Started by ∆ + 0 / 9, November 07, 2007, 05:11:41 PM

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Hello VIDEOPAC fans!
After a hard days night, I nearly completed my "VIDEOPAC Instructions for Use" website.
Each game will come with a PDF manual. Almost game instructions are in english and german.

Check it out and help bringing the game instructions complete.
Unfortunately VIDEOPAC game instructions 13/31/41/42/55/63/64 are still missing. High quality scans are recommended.
I'd like to thank everybody who helped out scanning and typing some of those game instructions.

Here you go to the "VIDEOPAC Instructions for Use" website:

;-) balduin


Nice work. Did it take you long to get all the manuals transfert to pdf files?
8 bits of fun

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more than a half of the instructions i scanned from my own originals. others, which i don't have yet i cleaned and rearranged to fit in the same size as the original one (15.8X11.5cm). all in all i spent about 3-4 days. it's still uncomplete as you can see on the website. original high quality scans are of course recommended.
thanks for your interest in this work.


Wow, really nice job indeed!

I remember those manuals having more artwork, more screenshots and things like that... Is there any difference between the Odyssey? manuals and the G7000 ones?


You can put also the Parker games, SuperCobra, Qbert, Popeye and Frogger... but also the new Tutankham and the Spiderman Parker version from Dieter.
And Demon Attack and Atlantis from Imagic. ;)

If you need, I have some of these.

As I told you on, very good job!!

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thanks for your comments. I'll do all, if you give me the scans. just send them over (see my website), and I'll implement them on the website. later on, we should implement them into the videopac base, but that's another story.


Another great Videopac site. Welcome Teller :)


Hi Teller,

This is a great website! Very good work. and very usefull.

I took the liberty of adding your website to the link section of the forum.

Keep up the good work.

Ne tirez pas sur le administrator!


I keep getting an error message when I click on a manual and try to download it.  It's possible I don't have the latest version of Adobe on my computer.  ANyone else have this problem?


Quote from: RickO2 on November 09, 2007, 04:32:34 AM
I keep getting an error message when I click on a manual and try to download it.  It's possible I don't have the latest version of Adobe on my computer.  ANyone else have this problem?

Disregard, I upgraded Adobe and everything worked fine.  Looks great!!!


Very nice site!

I am just wondering: A few years ago I made my Videopac games page with all the covers in size 100 x 135 pixel. Some months later Richard made his Videopac page and had also the covers with 100 x 135 pixel. And teller's page has also the covers with 100 x 135 pixel. I wonder if you guys scan them and make them by chance in the same size or if you take them from my website. No problem with that, it would just be nice to credit my website Thanks.

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nasty digital copy page age, isn't it!
check out, you're on the credits too!:

please forgive me!


That's fine with me as long my site is credited :-)


two days ago,
I was using my multicart and thinking that I need to find a website with some instructions, and here it is
thanks for the work...

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I've included the parker and imagic games, plus the manuals of G7000 and G7200. G7400 comes later. I also included Donzilla's Multicart with my Gameswitch PDF, and a VIDEOPAC style label.
The site is still unfinished.
Thanks for all of your help until now and in future!