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Started by ∆ + 0 / 9, November 07, 2007, 05:11:41 PM

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Quote from: teller on November 09, 2007, 07:03:44 PM
nasty digital copy page age, isn't it!
check out, you're on the credits too!:

please forgive me!

My only issue with this - is that it would be nice if you (or anyone else) asked first. Myself, I find it somewhat humorous. I 'was' the only site on the net to have the entire U.S. instruction set (in the 90's) - then within a year, it was on many other sites. Wonder where they got the text from...

But, as long as any credit is given, I personally don't have any issues. The manuals are not copyright by me anyway.

The only thing is the credit for the source. Prime example is Richard - who 'borrowed' all my Odyssey Adventure scans. I didn't find out for over a year - when I did, he gave me credit. But I was rather pissed at first, since I put a ton of work into those scans (cleaning them up - I hate straight scans - too many flaws).

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I thought as long as I credit the people, nobody has a problem with it, having a website together with the "Instructions for Use". Even I didn't credit myself, because this is the work of many many people, even I spent a lot of time in it (more than 30 instructions I scanned by myself). Actually this is the work of VIDEOPAC and we all take their stuff together. This page should be public domain, like Wikipedia. In my opinion it really doesn't matter, who is the first, who began with ...
It's just another VIDEOPAC page with "Instructions for Use".

PS: I can take these PDF's off with your texts, if you do not agree. Please let me know.


No, it is no problem. All I was commenting on was asking people, especially when it involved graphics that were worked on. Takes time to do it, thus at least someone should ask.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Main reason I don't make a huge stink is because as you said, it is technically public domain - as Philips seems to have no interest in this stuff (at least not at this time).

As for Wikipedia, I hope this stuff never gets on there. I prefer it on our own 'fan' sites.

P.S. You should credit yourself - at least for the work you did scanning in the instructions!

P.P.S. Do you plan on getting to the homebrews as well!? In this case, myself at least, would expect a little more in regards to credit - mainly because I helped create a few documents for homebrews, and am very proud of what I did!


Quote from: teller on November 07, 2007, 05:11:41 PM
Hello VIDEOPAC fans!
After a hard days night, I nearly completed my "VIDEOPAC Instructions for Use" website.
Each game will come with a PDF manual. Almost game instructions are in english and german.

Check it out and help bringing the game instructions complete.
Unfortunately VIDEOPAC game instructions 13/31/41/42/55/63/64 are still missing. High quality scans are recommended.
I'd like to thank everybody who helped out scanning and typing some of those game instructions.

Here you go to the "VIDEOPAC Instructions for Use" website:

;-) balduin
Great job!!! i need that O2 Wav Sound!!!<O3>

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Here you go:

Missing manuals: 13/31/41/42/55/63/64/C7010/C7420/Atlantis/Frogger


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Wow, thanks a lot Rene_G7400 for your help! Really nice scans and even in english! :)
I've already implemented the manual! Of course I've put you on the credits! And sorry that I didn't put you before, as you gave me already scans of VIDEOPAC 62.


Content update:
31 english manual & overlays (G7000/G7200)
41 german manual & board
JOPAC games (no manuals yet)
ODYSSEY 2 games (no manuals yet)
VIDEOPAC + STUFF: Multicart gameswitch manual with VIDEOPAC style label/User manuals of G7000/G7200/G7400
VIDEOPAC Wallpapers



Very nice sight. Too nice to some point!  ;)

Makes me want to do more with my site, but the direction I had planned is far, far from complete - and you and other new folks are treading into the areas I was going to go. Not sure now if I should continue, or abandon further work and let others take over!?


Putting scans of the manuals on your website is a lot easier than keying-in all of the text.

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thanks for the compliments. and yes, this website should look beautiful. VIDEOPAC had a straight graphic concept design and layout. The games they released were numbered, and they almost came with the same layout design. Beside Interton VC4000, other console systems hadn't this kind of straightness in their concept design. Well at least not for a long time. In those days, instruction manuals for games were very important, big and rich coloured. I think it was necessary, because those games looked in their pixel graphic very simple and abstract.


Quote from: Rene_G7400 on November 20, 2007, 09:51:09 AM
Putting scans of the manuals on your website is a lot easier than keying-in all of the text.

Yup, but it makes for one large download... I've thought of doing this, but would like a good resolution that prints well, which just would be too large.


I was scanned, some time ago some manual for some friends who was needing. Anyway, my scan was not (and still) so good. Anyway If someone need the folder have (brazilians):
Comando Noturno
Clay Pigeon
Conquista do Mundo (VP 41)
Fliperama (VP 24, If I not wrong)
Os Panzers Atacam (VP4)
Pachinko (?)

The images looking like this:


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I did change the layout a little bit and put a nice reflection on each boxart. Now finally each game come with it's title.


There are still plenty of missing manuals. Would be nice if I get a little help from you. But you know, it really doesn't hurry, one by one ;:). Here are the missing ones:

every on the page
every on the page

Thanks to all who helped me so far ;)!


Have you made the G7200 version of the Musician overlay yourself? It doesn't look the same as mine.