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Started by sokoban, June 05, 2017, 01:20:18 AM

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After hours of hard work, I finally finished my very first game for the videopac.
The name is FIRST, not only because it's my first game but also because of the rules.
You are the yellow smiley and there are 255 pacgums to eat.
But you have to fight against the blue ghost.
So you have to try to be the first on each of these 255 violet pills.
Advantage: you go 3 times faster than the ghost.
Inconvenient: you die if you touch the ghost or the green borders.
I still have some things to upgrade, but I'm proud enough and tired enough to upload it as is.
My best score is 88 to 77 for the moment... yes... in hexa...
A complete game (without dying) takes less than 5 minutes.
Note that I tested it only on O2EM emulator because I don't have a real machine.

Have fun >:D



Hi Sokoban

Is a cartridge version possible?

Best regards


That's a good start.  ;)



Thanks for your encouragements.
My goal was only to learn to code with an assembly language and videopac was a choice of heart.
So no, this game will not be put on a cartridge.
It's only a simple and easy game made to understand sprites, characters, colors, grid, collisions...

Teh current version includes a small funny glitch that is easy to fix.
I talk about the ghost with sometimes move in zigzag on horizontal moves.
And scores are displayed in hexa, whitch is a bit unusual I think.
Perhaps I will correct all that but not sure.


Looks good to me. Simple, but fun, in its own way.

Keep coding!


Fun game with nice sprites.
But I tried it on real machine and the grids/sprites looks strangely random.


Sorry for that :-[
I only tested it on O2EM because I sold my real machine in the 90's :'(
Thanks for the feedbacks 8)