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Author Topic: Just wanted to say "Hi" (new to the forum)  (Read 3231 times)
Trying to get the cartridge in...
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« on: September 05, 2017, 05:29:41 PM »

Greetings from the USA (Ohio).

I was made aware of the forum by ScottyDont00 (user over at AtariAge I assume he is here too).

As I stated over at AtariAge, the OD2 is my go to system when I want a quick fix of video gaming.
The OD2 is the only system that I actually had back in the day (got in for Xmas 1979). Games I like on the system include: Killer Bee's, Attack of the Timelord, Pick Axe Pete, K.C. Munchkin, K.C. Crazy Chase, Freedom Fighters, & UFO. There are a few two player games that I like such as Smithereens, Armored Encounter/Sub Chase, Monkeyshines, & Showdown in 2100 AD.

My favorite memory from back in the day was family game night. It use to be just board games, but once we had Odyssey2 that changed. My Mom and Dad's favorite game to play with my bother and I was bowling. Then of course we would play some spin out.

Thanks for letting me be a member and see you around!
Give this man a Jopac!
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« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2017, 07:15:15 PM »

Also greetings from Germany to you. New members are always welcome.  Smiley

Thanks for sharing your story. There are great games in your list. I think, the most of us, have nearly the same memories about the past . For me were my favorite memory, when my brother an I get the Philips Videopac G7000 for christmas. My brother got Videopac 34  Satellite Attack ( for you UFO!) and I Videopac 22 Space Monster (for you Alien Invaders-Plus!). Hours after hours only fun. The next day, in the morning, it was still dark outside, we are playing again and again and again.

Because of all that and much more, I still love this system (now a Brandt Jopac JO7400) till today. Sometimes, I also like to play with one of my Nintendo systems, but I don`t have the same feelings as when I play with the good old and also new (homebrew) Videopac games.
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