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O2 box foam insert

Started by daddy_scott, December 30, 2017, 08:45:21 PM

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I am about to make another major move to take a university job and my O2 console box does not have the original foam insert. Previously, I had just put some towels in there to keep things safe. But I would like to possibly make one out of some foam I can get at a craft store. If there is already something out there, I don't want to recreate the wheel. So I'm turning to the forum for information.

I can get some nice upholstery foam and do the cutouts, probably custom so I can include the Voice module as well. Has anyone else done this? If so, did you use a specific pattern for the cutting?

Does anyone have experience doing this? Tips and advice is appreciated.


Maybe Leonardo can help you, recently he replicated a Voice box as well as his styrofoam.


Hello daddy_scott, how are you?
I have a long term project of replicating the art of every console box I can put my hands on and some game boxes as well (to make available on the net for whoever may want/need it), and I included as a goal as well replicating the styrofoam or cardboard parts of the boxes. But for this part I can only make available pictures and measurements of the original and maybe some blueprints.
What I did do was make the The Voice styrofoam part for myself and it was a really, really fun job (if you like working with handmade crafts). What I can offer you is my experience that is a very time consuming job and you have to do it manually. But for what it looks like, you have the ability and the will to do so, so it will be no secret for you. And at last, what you really need is pictures from all sides and the exact measurements of the parts. All that if you want it to be a near exact replica, but if you want to build something just to fit your console confortably, it's easier, it's just cutting and glueing (compared to the other where you need to do some sculping and sanding). Do you think you can get some pictures? Maybe when Rafa finds some time he can take some of his (I do have one in box, but it's brand new in the original shipping box and I never take it out, so sorry for that...). Please contact me anytime if you need help with anything, PM preferable cause I get an email warning. If you can't have access to the styrofoam for pics, I can try some contacts I have.


Thanks. I'm going with a custom fit thing and have ordered some 2" upholstery foam that I plan to stack into a 6" overall height. That is the depth of the box. I want to see if I can get both my console and the Voice module in the box, but I'll be okay if I can't. I'm not trying to replicate anything original. I just want to safeguard what I have now.

My foam should be here next week and I'll be able to spend about 2 hours per week working on it while I finish up school. I appreciate your input. I'll keep everyone posted on how it goes. It will be my first attempt at anything like this. But I plan on making cuts on each of the three layers rather than piecing them together and digging out from there. If anyone has suggestions on the best way to cut into upholstery foam, I'd be glad to hear it. I have several Exacto knives and metal rulers.