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Started by Michael Thomasson, March 23, 2018, 11:04:39 PM

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Michael Thomasson


I'm spilling the beans here first about a "mini-project" of ours while we are still working on our BIG "top secret" Odyssey2 project to be revealed in 2019.

Good Deal Games is proud to announce that we'll be releasing a NEW ODYSSEY2 GAME at The Midwest Gaming Classic! Introducing K.C. MUNCHKIN REDUX - a new take on the best of the Odyssey2. If you are like us and love K.C. Munchkin but are tired of the same maze layouts after almost four decades, we think alike and are happy to offer FOUR BRAND NEW MAZES to the mix. We'll be bringing twenty (20) copies of the game to the show, so be sure to stop by the Good Deal Games table to get your copy!


The price has not been determined yet (waiting final production costs), but it will be much cheaper than our previous Odyssey2 projects. Will be sold as a loose cart and also within a plastic box with cover insert. We will be setting about forty copies free, but limiting the show launch to half, so those of you that can't attend to still have a chance to grab a copy. If interested, we are starting a list, so please e-mail ( with "K.C. MUNCHKIN REDUX" in the e-mail header if you are interested in a copy - sooner better than later.

Michael of GDG's Homebrew Heaven


Mail sent





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To be honest ... $44.75 for a loose cart with four new mazes ... plus shipping ... plus import taxes ...  that ends up for a total of probably $75 to $80 here. I am not sure yet if I jump on that wagon. But of course that's just my opinion ...


Munchkin has an editor so we can always create those mazes ourselves.  ;D ;)
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Michael Thomasson

To those of you e-mail us concerning REDUX. We are receiving your e-mails and hear your requests loud and clear. We are on the road to The Midwest Gaming Classic, and will send out individual personalized responses after we return April 17th.

In response to Post Axe Pete, we declare the value of the game as $18 and offer reduced discounted shipping (below our costs) to our International friends.

Michael Thomasson

For those of you on the list, check your e-mail box. Otherwise...

We are back from the Milwaukee show, and will have a copy of K.C. Munchkin REDUX for you shortly. We'll start shipping the carts the first week of May, so this is the time to confirm your order and prepay if you'd like. If there is anything else that you wish to add, please let us know and we'll send you an updated invoice.

GOOD NEWS: We were able to trim our expenses a bit, so the price is lower than originally announced.

- In the US: You can get K.C. Munchkin REDUX with plastic box and insert SHIPPED for $49.88.

- Overseas: You can get K.C. Munchkin REDUX (loose cart) SHIPPED for $59.88 US   
OR   with plastic box and insert for $67.88 SHIPPED.

*The box dramatically raises the shipping rate. If you get the loose cart, we will supply the cover sleeve artwork file upon request via e-mail so that you can create your own packaging.

Thank you for those that supported this mini project while we finish working out the details for our BIG Odyssey2 project. The non-disclosures are still active, but I can tell you this... we have 50K+ in the next O2 endeavor currently slated for summer of 2019 pending any delays. It is by far the biggest project my tiny company has ever endeavored to produce, and we are working with the best in the business to make it great! I think that you all will be very pleased once we can spill the beans.

Michael of GDG's Homebrew Heaven


I got an update from Michael and as of Monday May 14 he has sold about 25 out of the 50 games. So there are still a lot in stock.

If you are curious, here are 4 screen shots of the 4 new maze layouts

At the SELECT GAME screen, press :

0 for MAZE 0
1 for MAZE 1
2 for MAZE 2
3 for MAZE 3

Oh, and to place your order, more information, etc. , please visit:




I´m sorry, I have this question: This does not open the precedent for two months from now we have another release like: KC Ultra !!!!, my 4 exclusive labyrinths, with exclusive green grid?


Quote from: Rafael on May 16, 2018, 02:23:13 AM
I´m sorry, I have this question: This does not open the precedent for two months from now we have another release like: KC Ultra !!!!, my 4 exclusive labyrinths, with exclusive green grid?

:D was thinking something like that too. Or maybe publish the PacMan hack that has been around for years?

And that's what this is, just a hack, they do it all time with 2600 games and publish the rom for free.
Plus, if you check the mazes from the screenshots it's more Maze0-a and Maze0-b plus Maze2-a and Maze2-b.
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(once again) ?  8)
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Just played mine, it works fine and it's nice to play new mazes.

I actually don't think this was a terrible idea; programming your own mazes is time consuming and you lose the maze when you turn the system off.

However... I do honestly think this is a bit lame, because it could have been done far better. The O2 has a full alpha numeric keyboard, and a game that came with 30-40 preprogrammed mazes, one for each keyboard key, including some funky ones, would have been a real treat...