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1st Odyssey Brazilian meeting!

Started by Rafael, October 31, 2017, 09:43:55 PM

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I would like to thank all those who collaborated so that my talk and our meeting would be even better. It was really cool to show a little of Odyssey to a younger generation. At first I was very cautious, I thought they would not mind. But we had a very lively dialogue and the young people showed a lot of interest and asked lots of questions. In addition to my games I showed some Robot City, Grid Defender, Incomming and Cow Fever. Everyone loved the designs. On Saturday the kings of the island were my favorite cartridges C7060 and C7051. I explained to the staff the process of recording the games on the C7051 and they love the cartridge. We also took the box prototype and Sherlock parts, all loved (I will upload photos later) currently the molds for the Sherlock and Moriaty parts are being produced. I was defeated in Football and Spin-out and believe me, I was very happy, I had never lost in the spin-out before. I had a chance to review some commercials that are not yet on the net, including my favorite Turtles (and eyes filled with tears) All people present absolutely lovely. Anyway ... too exciting. Leo has already invited us to do the next in his city, we are anxious

Tom Beck

Well done Rafael. Was a pleasure to read this. I ever hoped, that Videopac/Odyssey was not dead. Now I know this, because also the younger generation show interest in this old piece of technology.

Were great to see some pictures.
;)  Killed the Killer Bees  ;)
Now also on youtube: Tom Beck collect...


Thanks for sharing this Rafael!  8)

Nice it all went that well. You can see that the Odyssey2 is still holding up today!
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