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KC Munchkin on Amiga

Started by kokkiklhs, July 11, 2018, 09:11:25 AM

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Yes, Gary James did it again! A very nice port for the Amiga, with original sounds and gameplay and slightly improved graphics!  ;)

Check the original thread about the game port here:

The same creator has already brilliantly ported Terrahawks and Killer Bees on the Amiga, also Terrahawks, Killer Bees, Pickaxe Pete and KC Munchkin (unfinished, though excellent so far) on the ZX Spectrum.  8)

You can check the Spectrum versions here:


This way I'll have to buy a Spectrum and an Amiga :)


Looks fantastic. Animation of Munchkin could be a big faster ? But everything else is great.

I wish someone would make a conversion for the A8.