Working Philips G7400 + 2 Joysticks + 4 games (Videopac 1, 6 ,11, 14)

Started by George712, June 18, 2020, 05:16:45 PM

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I correct my previous post.
Console is working, only the power switch does not lock in

Philips G7400 Konsole + 2 Joysticks + 4 games (Videopac1, 6,11,14) + Terrahawks Case (empty)

* console is working, the power switch does not lock in (known problem)
* case and joysticks are in a good condition and clean with a few scratches
* josticks works fine. They feel firm und and not mushy
* The four games are working fine too
* Terrahawks: only case (breaks) and manual (no game included)  (see photo)

No guarantee. I wont take it back. Please bid only if you accept this.

Shipping Germany: 9 EUR
Shipping EU:  16 EUR

Shipping to other countries please ask.