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SPACE CAVERN Apollo games

Started by VideopacBelgium, April 02, 2016, 03:31:49 PM

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I just learned of this game a week or so ago.

Are there any still available?
(I know its a long shot -- but you never know until you ask).

I realize the cost of shipping to the US would cost a bit.


I am new to the Forum, but not Videopac/Odyssey 2 collecting. I have a full set of US releases and some European-only ones as well.
I am on AtariAge where I can occasionally be found discussing Intellivision games.


Space Cavern is still available.
I think shipping to US will be 20/25€ with tracking due to the thickness of the cardbox.
The game is for sale 45€.
(If you're interested to buy other games, shipping from Belgium to USA is only 33€ up to 5 kgs)
Videopac digger


That seems fair.
I definitely want a Space Cavern.

What other games are available?