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Japanese videopac

Started by grgh, November 21, 2007, 08:18:39 AM

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As I noted here, I've recently acquired a copy of the Japanese Freedom Fighters release.  Like my copy of Hockey/Soccer, it unfortunately doesn't include the Japanese-language manual, but c'est la vie.

Speaking of Hockey/Soccer, I didn't want to clutter up the rarity thread with this, but last October I had a deal in place with a member of this forum who asked to purchase my copy of the Japanese edition of that game (the only one known to exist?).  After we had agreed on terms and exchanged addresses, he abruptly stopped replying to my emails when it came time to pay.

If that person is reading this message, I'd love an explanation, as I was confused and disappointed by what happened.


If that person doesn't want it anymore, I would be happy to buy it!  :)


I thought this might be of interest to some folks here: a user over at AtariAge has a complete copy of the Japanese Alien Invaders Plus!, and is selling it as part of a big lot (he's getting rid of his collection).  I've also asked him to take pictures/scans of it.  Have any other Japanese copies of AIP! shown up?


Quote from: goldenband on July 27, 2012, 06:26:44 PM
Have any other Japanese copies of AIP! shown up?

Yes, I know a collector who's got one.