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Started by VideopacBelgium, November 19, 2017, 01:18:53 PM

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Please one videopac+ version for me please.


Quote from: Elias on December 05, 2018, 06:45:20 PM
Please one videopac+ version for me please.
You've got #12.
Videopac digger


Hello people. I know that many of you have already purchased the game Haunted Woods, but if there is interest, we are, through Odyssey Brazil, launching the Brazilian version of the game, Floresta Assombrada! This will include: 1 cartridge (new), Box, Manual, Warranty Certificate, bottom, book with the story of the game, Flyer of the Future releases and for the first 50 buyers, a postcard from the game. (maybe I forgot something). Probably, at the same time, a new edition of Odyssey Aventura will be launched. If anyone here is interested and is happy with the new launch, contact WhatsApp +55 11 5083-2487, just send "HELLO"


Here´s the things it will be included for the first fifty
Send "HELLO" to
To you who have already acquired, our sincere thanks


Here´s a video of graphic material
"Unboxing"  :D


Want to know more about Odyssey's history? Do you want to chat with collectors, who even today develop games for the console? Want to see rare and obscure items from their personal collections?
So come to the live that will happen this Sunday, 21/2, at 9:30PM (UTC)

The live will be shown on RetroGamer Brasil's YouTube:

Oh, and will there be a draw? 🧐🤨
Of course, it will🙏. Let's draw 1 game Haunted Woods (Floresta Assombrada), which has just come out of the oven! Super exclusive item🔥

How to participate?
✅ Follow @retrogamer.brasil Instagram
✅ Follow @experienciaodyssey Instagram
✅ Comment on the RetroGamer Brasil Instagram post what was the first video game you had
✅ The draw will only consider 1 comment per person


For those who want to see an unboxing of the game by our friend Márcio:

I would also like to thank our friends who were with us yesterday during Live. We would really like everyone to understand, but I think there was a lot of cool stuff to see, things that I didn't know about either.


Thanks for the event yesterday.
I did not understand that much, but it was wonderful to see that burstling enthusiasm.


Any screen shots of this game? or U tube video?  ???


Videopac digger