Started by RickO2, November 07, 2018, 08:20:23 AM

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Finally picked up a Vectrex after years of wanting one.  I only have the built-in game but it's pretty fun.  What games are the most fun on the system?  Are the overlays really needed?  Thanks!


I copied this from AtariAge as I generally share this opion:

My favorites out of the original GCE games:

3D Minestorm
3D Narrow Escape
Armor Attack
Clean Sweep
Cosmic Chasm
Fortress of Narzod
Mine Storm
Mine Storm II
Pole Position
Rip Off
Star Hawk
Web Wars
There are a lot of great homebrews as well.  I recommend getting a VecMulti to load both original and homebrew games onto the same flash cart.

Birds of Prey (Phoenix)
Bloxorz (beta)
City Bomber
Moon Lander (Lunar Lander)
Nagoya Attack (beta)
Omega Chase (Omega Race)
Patriots (Missile Command)
Protector (Defender)
Rockaroids (Asteroids)
Rockaroids Remix (Asteroids Deluxe)
Space Frenzy (Space Fury)
Spike's Water Balloons (Kaboom)
Star Fire Spirits (Star Wars Arcade)
Trakkers (Targ)
Wormhole (Gyruss)
YASI (Space Invaders)

I should add Vector Patrol whch is an amazing and fun Moon Patrol clone.

I play mostly with my multicart(s) and don't use a lot of overlays. The Minestorm overly is almost always inserted into my Veccy.

Do a lot of YouTube and form an opion!  And buy a multicard for starters  ;)
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Best game is Kristof Tuts' Vector Pilot. Definitely.


Oh yes, great one too  8)
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Yes, it´s a great system. I also happy to get one recently. Minestorm is an amazing game.  I bougth Berzerk because it was the first game I played in a home console (a VCS) and also  was base for our first homebrew (Amok). I expect to get Pole Position, since it was one of my fav arcade games. But it seems rare and expensive ;:)


I love scramble and fortress of narzod.
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I dated a woman who had a Vectrex growing up. I believe it belonged to her father. (You thought I was dating a cougar for a moment didn't you?) Haha

She mentioned it after I showed her my Odyssey 2.