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FROZEN FORT by Côté Gamers

Started by RayXambeR, February 19, 2021, 10:09:31 PM

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I post here about a new release (I have participated for beta-testing and writing, mainly the making-of): FROZEN FORT created by Rafael Cardoso and published by Côté Gamers with the great help of Marc Verraes (videopacbelgium).
It is the first Videopac/O2 game by Côté Gamers, a French publishing house, books as new games for our love retro system, but CG has since long years published lots of homebrew games, each time with very great attention to detail and a wonderful packaging and "add-ons" like complete makingof (in two languages, French and English), exclusive content, etc.

For the moment the game is in pre-order, you can read information on the official store, here:

The packaging is in "big box" format like lots of other releases by Côté Gamers. You can have a look on the recent Fantasy Puzzle for Intellivision system for example, or Sir Ababol and Uwol for ColecoVision (mainly on AtariAge forum, sorry, not here! ;)

This edition includes the game, a booklet with a making-of, a series of high quality cardboard encyclopedic cards and a surprise bonus that will also serve as a certificate of authenticity.
The game will be released at the end of March.

I would like to thank a lot Rafael and also Marc. It is a real pleasure to discuss with them, they are really passionated and reliable people!

A teaser will come probably in the next days.



I will probably do a demo of the game on our live, next Sunday ;)


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Tom Beck

I have pre-order today.  I hope this will be a wonderful release.

Look very promising.   :)

And I like it, that also our Marc from VideopacBelgium is involved.

Great that also Côté Gamers support now the Videopac/Odyssey2.

Many thanks!
;)  Killed the Killer Bees  ;)
Now also on youtube: Tom Beck collect...



TomBeck, be sure it will be a wonderful release: it is the trademark of Côté Gamers :)
And thanks to people that have already pre-ordered Frozen Fort, we appreciate the support.




Just a little reminder for people who could be interested in this game. Period for pre-ordering will only continue during some days. And it will the only way to catch the game.
I mention the game works on NTSC and PAL systems and benefits form a superb illustrated big box and a really deep book about the development of the game and 6 encyclopedic sheets (really lots of information on them, dimension is a real postcard 10x15 cm, not a "mini" card and they are part of a huge long-term project). And also a specific 3D lithophane and 3D postcard!
Lots of work in this game and I would like to thank again Rafael Cardoso the developer and Marc Verraes for the cartridges (and their patience too! ;)

I will communicate in the next weeks about another project that will be combined with ... another game from Rafael. Stay tuned!


Just a remark. Some people seem to encounter problem to pay. Three possibilities solve this problem, as the original price is in Euros (Côté Gamers is a French editor):
- configure your PayPal account in order to use money conversion
- let the price in Euros (not in dollars) and make payment.
- Last solution, contact Côté Gamers that will sent to you a PayPal invoice directly.


Yes it worked for me now! I left the payment in euros and it worked so I ordered 1


Last message to mention that the pre-order campaign will finish tomorrow and Côté Gamers will make just the number of pre-orderings for this release. I say that just to inform, not to force you to buy the game! But note that the pre-order is the only chance to get it, the cost for this edition is too expensive to be able to make more copies than pre-ordered ones. Thanks for all people that have support this release.

Be sure there will be more O2/VP relating things - at least one - after this game! But probably in different form and with another (huge!) project. Côte Gamers probably announces it in some weeks. Stay tuned!


Bonjour rayxamber, est ce que le jeu sera disponible en format simple (non numéroté) après la clôture des pré-commande ?