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FROZEN FORT by Côté Gamers

Started by RayXambeR, February 19, 2021, 10:09:31 PM

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Vectrex103 -> Le jeu ne sera pas disponible en version non numérotée par la suite. Il n'y a qu'une seule et unique édition, celle proposée en édition vraiment très complète et "luxe". Chez Côté Gamers, les éditions standard sont les éditions collector ! Et vice versa ;)
Le but étant que tout le monde ait la même chose et quelque chose de très haute qualité et très fournie, avec de quoi lire et s'informer en plus !

(In English)
The game will not be available after the end of pre-ordering. There is only one version, the one proposed in a very extensive and "luxury" edition. At Côté Gamers, the standard editions are the collector editions! And inversely ;)
The goal is that everyone has the same thing and in very high quality, and also with what to read and inform about the game and the O2/VP in general! (makingof, encyclopedic sheets, etc.)


Merci rayxamber, pour ces précisions, je passe commande  ;:), en plus on peut régler par chèque pour la France.
Vive revival   ;)


Folks. Thanks again for supporting the project.
I have a copy of Maria from Intellivision (great game)
and the people from Coté have a lot of passion for videogames!


Thanks Rafael for your words. And it is a real pleasure to work and discuss with you, you are a nice and very reliable person. These aspects are very important in such projects :)


HI Can I still pre-order or actually order this game today?


@tigerinatlanta -> Yes you can :)
There is one copy left, just for you! ;)



We will receive all the printings (box, manual/making-of ...) in about 2 weeks, and the cartridges before (thanks to Marc ;). So, around mid-may the shippings can be done.


Just purchased! A little birdie told me that Côté Gamers has the boxes, cartridges, and stickers and is waiting on the manuals but they should be arriving imminently. Sounds like everything is coming together nicely. Can't wait to receive it!


Yes, Tanuki mentions to me that he has received everything. He will probably begin the shippings next monday. Can't wait :)



The preorder has officially closed on this, per Tanuki. Very glad I got in before order cutoff!


Some games are already on the way! The others will be sent in the next days and next week. And people will receive a tracking number soon too!

Tom Beck

Today I found a package from France before my door. What a suprise !  8)

The game was so well packed, they know what they do. Absolute no damage. Great work !

And all the special gifts in the package are amazing. Something like this is outstanding for Videopac.

The game work very well. No wonder, Marc make the cartidges.  ;)

Now it`s time to play the game in the next days. What I saw till now, look very good.

All thumbs up for this release and I really hope for more releases from Côté Gamers !!!

Many thanks for it.  :-*

;)  Killed the Killer Bees  ;)
Now also on youtube: Tom Beck collect...


TomBeck, we are really happy to see you so ... happy! :) Thanks for your support!
Nice to see our efforts appreciated and, yes, Tanuki from Côté Gamers, is probably the only person that prepare the best-protected package in the world! ;)
Our goal is really to offer a top quality with exclusive contents. Hope you will appreciated the making-of book too! (and the 3D printed lithophane is great with a rear light)
We have taken great pleasure to collaborate with Rafael and Marc and something tells me that it's not over! So stay tuned!