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FROZEN FORT by Côté Gamers

Started by RayXambeR, February 19, 2021, 10:09:31 PM

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Received mine today. Content are impressive. Only managed to play the game for a few minutes (it is a work day) but looked really really good! Thank you.


Big shout-out to Côté Gamers, Marc Verraes, programmer Rafael Cardoso and everyone else involved in this release. A+ effort all around! Frozen Fort arrived safely in Pennsylvania, USA. Thank you for supporting the Odyssey2/Videopac community!


Many thanks. I hope you enjoy the game.
I have Maria for Intellivision from Coté Gamers
and they really make a beauty work.


Thanks sixersfan105 for your kind words, we appreciate to see people are glad with our products, we love reading that! Yes, Maria for Intellivision has a similar edition. And Fantasy Puzzle, too on the same system.
Our game releases are most of the time like that. It is the case for all our ColecoVision games for example.
And it is not finished, "new" systems will be concerned by our future releases but we don't forget Videopac series for sure!


Hi everybody!

As promise, Côté Gamers will publish again Frozen Fort. This edition will, of course, contain the same game but will differ slightly in the additional elements as the first edition was a limited edition. I will inform you about the contents exactly when I will have more informations about that. But, perhaps, can you already mention here if you could be interested to grab a copy of the great game made by Rafael :)

In the same time, perhaps could yo use interested in the encyclopedia launched by Côté Gamers actually (Kickstarter). You have probably noticed the postcards obtained with Frozen Fort. They are part of the encyclopedia. For the moment no complete volumes devoted to Videopac/O2 system (there are for Intellivision, vectrex, 2600 and more like NES, SNES, Mega Drive ...) but generic volumes are planned and, of course, Videopac games will be part of it. It is a real encyclopedia, so all systems are considered!
Here is the link in case of you could be interested if you are passionated by all the video game, not only Videopac ;)