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Author Topic: A beautifull story  (Read 1020 times)
I take the Videopac and leave the Canoli!
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« on: July 03, 2021, 02:36:05 AM »

We received a beautiful report on our Facebook page, I think it's worth sharing:

"Playing Odyssey is an adventure for my childhood of freedom and playful poetry.
Playing Odyssey is remembering me and Alex - my best friend since forever...
In "QuestFor the Rings", my friend Alex liked to play as "Wizard" who threw little stars.
I was always the "Warrior", the sword warrior.In the stages of the game, when there was the
invincible "Dragon" spitting that indefectible deadly fire, Alex and I, the wizard and the warrior,
always descended together towards the lost ring. Alex always placed himself between me and the Dragon.
He always sacrificed so I could reach the ring. He has always been altruistic, in the game as well as in life.
God took him when Alex was only 30 years old. Alex left a son, Pedro.
Today, although rarely, I play with Pedro "Quest for The Rings"...
And I talk about your father (who barely knew him).
There was, however, a noticeable change in the game's strategy.
Today I am the wizard. Today I put myself between Warrior and Dragon.
I sacrifice myself to the Dragon's merciless fire so that my best friend's son can reach the ring.
I miss you, my friend. May God look out for you, and you for me..."  Cry

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