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G7000 and 14volts psu?

Started by mike76, September 20, 2022, 12:35:36 PM

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Hi everyone,

About 15 years ago I bought a Videopac G7000 and I used it from time to time.
Now I wanted to try it but decided to check the output of the power supply first
(to prevent the console in case the power supply gone bad)

I measured the outputs with a multimeter and it gave me almost 14 volts.

The power supply should deliver 10v
(It says: "Output: 10v  1.1A"  --it's an original one psu by Philips with these small 2-pin connector),

But I did the test without any last,(put the probes directly to the connector).

My question:
Do the 14 Volts mean that the power supply gone bad?
or is it correct, because I measured it without any last?
Is it save to use the power supply?

Videopac G7000 (made in France)
External power supply output:10v  (original Philips)




sounds Ok...

without "last" the output will always be too high...

(I have 9V Sinclair ZXSpectrum PSUs that meassure 14V without last)

Also the PSU may have been build for 220V Main voltage and the current Main voltage in most of europe is now 230V

Cheers, TOM:0)


Thank you very much.

I'll do a test to it and if the Videopac still works,
i'm going to make a composite mod.



Without any load, most of these old switching power supplies output more voltage than they are supposed to.
Measure the voltage when the G7000 is running, and the output should be fine ( probably a little bit higher than 10V ).

P.S. Build the 3-Transistor composite mod, the signal quality is significantly better than the 2-Transistor composite mod

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