Prototype Roms, here you go.

Started by Janzl, November 09, 2022, 11:08:16 AM

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As a sort of "comfort" for all the sorrow caused by me ending this forum I will release a couple of prototype roms to the public. Catburglar will not (yet) be released as Dieter and I still plan to publish it.

Himalaya: not much is known about this game. The Philips programmer who handed me the roms didn't know who developed it and didn't really know what it was supposed to be. Some sort of flightsim maybe.

Bastion: Programmed by a british programmer, name unknown. Strange game. You have to climb a tower that is being defended. Plays odd.

Terrahawks (2): of course known by us all as it was released by Dieter (and sold out)

The programmer who releases the roms to me asked that they would not be used for commercial use. We got permission to release Terrahawks and Catburglar.

Have fun with these games!
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K-C Space Odyssey

Pickaxe Brad!

This is great!  Thanks for releasing those, I think it's good for the community to be able to experience any/all levels of prototype.  I think in the original post, you said you received multiple versions of some of these.  Are they the same?  Are these the "most working" or "most playable" ones?

I got a kick out of "playing" these! I think I even was able to take off and land the Himalayan plane once.  Maybe I won the game?

And I think a Terrahawks II high score competition is called for.  Anyone in for the challenge before we all go out separate ways?
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Thanks Janzl! It is always great to preserve such programs as they are part of the VP/O2 history!


Thank you very much Janzl!

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