The Forum will NOT expire in April

Started by Janzl, January 10, 2023, 10:52:45 PM

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Hello everybody...

Well, your emotionally unstable forum administrator has decided he will NOT let this forum expire.
I know I have been screaming and kicking and whatnot but forget about that, I have changed my mind again.

The more I thought about quitting it the more I started to realize I would be regretting that decision in the future.


After a day of hard work (today) the forum has been moved to a new hosting server and has been updated to the latest version including all up to date security patches. Also fiiiiinally has a secure connection certificate.

Make sure you now go to to get to the secure area.

The current theme is temporary. I know it's not the best, but it's for now. You can choose a custom theme from your account setting (I don't know how yet :-D )

This heavily updated forum is largely new for me too so be nice and have patience if certain doesn't work properly, I am finding stuff out as we speak. Give it time and everything will heal nicely.

So, I hope everybody is happy with the current (and a bit unexpected) developments and everybody gets used to our new surroundings.

Have fun!

Be nice!

Notify me of errors and/or problems!

And all suggestions are welcome!

Ne tirez pas sur le administrator!


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Awesome news, thank you very much  :-*
Programmers don't die.
They just gosub without return.


I am very happy! Cheers, TOM:0)



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Tom Beck

Thank you Janzl.  8)
It really would have been the biggest mistake of your life to give up this wonderful piece of Videopac history.

This forum simply belongs to it, just like you and all members.

These were the best news for the year 2023.
Let's just keep going with 2024.  ;D
;)  Killed the Killer Bees  ;)
Now also on youtube: Tom Beck collect...


Wow! Great news! Thanks for keeping this alive!
All my Odyssey2 projects, now in one place!


This is really awesome. Thank you so much!!!


This is good news for the begin of 2023!

Thanks Janzl.



Awesomeness! FWIW, this forum is pretty much the de-facto resource for anyone interested / working on O2 / G7K games and soft/hardware.



All my Odyssey2 projects, now in one place!