How to: Change your Forum Theme (layout/design/look&feel)

Started by Janzl, January 11, 2023, 11:34:49 PM

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As some of you may have discovered you are able to change the Forum's Theme for yourself.
You can pick one from a range of Themes to see which suits you best.

A "Theme" is the layout/design of the forum.

To change a Theme click on your account-icon, at the top of the page, and select "Look and Layout".

The first item you see is "Current Theme" next to that is the name of the current theme with a "CHANGE" button. Click that.

On the next page you see a list of Themes with a preview image. You can preview the Theme by clicking "PREVIEW THEME" or you can start using it by choosing "USE THIS THEME".

If you don't like the Theme you chose you can easily pick another Theme.

Changing a Theme will not make you loose any data.

Have fun with it.
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The forum's default Theme has now been set to "Videopac".

if you don't like this one and you prefer the old Theme just follow the previous post and make sure you select "Aurora" as your theme.

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