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Grey carts

Started by Destravius, February 22, 2023, 10:22:06 PM

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Hi all, i recently bought a set that contained three grey carts in what looks like plus boxes, with radiola booklets. They are new for me and online i couldn't find any information about it. Has any of you guys seen some like these before?


I've never seen these before, but they're looking cool. A very nice addition to your collection!


JOPAC had grey carts too!


I have a few of those to, love the artwork on them. They so specifically say jopac which these do not.


The gray cartridges were intended for Jopac games but they were assembled in the same factory for Philips and Radiola.
Sometimes, at the end of production, other cartridges were used and vice versa.
BUT these cartridges could not be sold, they were given to factory workers and resold 40 years later.
Videopac digger


Wow thats a cool story! They are pretty rare then i pressume?