Dual Contoller Coupler now available for the Odyssey (Mars Menace, and more)

Started by 8bitwidgets.com, February 26, 2023, 09:03:14 PM

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Hi everyone, so I've been recently developing couplers for various systems like the Coleco, Intellivision and 2600.  The Odyssey serves no less! 

This has been updated so wired systems

Mars Menace in action:

I'm going to do a video for Freedom Fighters soon.  I'm looking to find a European and South American distributor to maybe help reduce shipping costs as we all know how international shipping for even small things can be cost prohibitive.. 

I have homebrew aspirations of my own, but I'm a long way from making anything, but I figure this might open up some gameplay possibilities that detached controllers can't do as easily. 

If you'd like one, direct is always the cheapest way to go, but I do have couplers listed on facebook, etsy and ebay as well if you'd prefer going through those channels. 




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Thanks! I welcome feedback. 

Moving forward I've started to include rubber grip under the coupler as well to help it stay stationary on flat surfaces even though it's really meant to be held, I know some people might still like to have it on a table. 

If anyone gets one without the rubber feet and would like them, I will mail you the feet free of charge.  You'll need to provide the super glue to get them to stick though. :)