Started by Ricardo Silva, March 12, 2023, 10:43:00 PM

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Ricardo Silva

Hello friends, my name is Ricardo Silva, I'm from Odyssey Brazil and I'm responsible for the website

I came to invite you to play CHESS on PC through our website...

Play through the Odyssey Vault


Thanks, but I'll stay with my G7400  8)

Pickaxe Brad!

Quote from: ccc--- on March 13, 2023, 05:28:22 PMThanks, but I'll stay with my G7400  8)

Nothing beats playing on the real system, but I think the Vault is great!  I love the Vault!  I've even been able to spread the joy of Odyssey¬≤ to others by showing them the Vault.

Also, I don't have a G7400 nor the Chess module, so it's either an emulator or the Vault for me on this one.
Does anyone read these signatures?  Let me know in your signature.

Ricardo Silva

I am delighted with the possibility of playing these incredible games that were not released in Brazil... I love this console so much, and unfortunately I don't have the G7400, much less the chess module, it's been quite an experience... likes the Vault, Brad... It's great to know that people are discovering the odyssey games through the Vault...
Play through the Odyssey Vault