problems with replacement chips P8048H on the videopac g7400

Started by maeloterkim, March 24, 2023, 12:21:28 PM

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I am trying to repair a videopac g7400
and I find the following problem

I know that the fault is the P8048H chip because I have put one from another videopac and it has worked

As I knew that this was the problem, I bought a few chips to solve the problem but when I put them in, none of them worked.

The chip that I have tried from another console and it has worked has the following letters:

P8048h 0872
11 248 22120
intel '77

The chips that I have tried and have not worked are the following:

1) The first one that I have tried and it has not worked is the following:
      P8048H 0596
      intel '77

2) The second one that I have tried and it has not worked is the following:
The first question is:
Are all 3 chips compatible?

Also searching the internet I have seen that someone sells these chips and says that the bios they have is not compatible with magnavox but perhaps with the European one
Should I check if the bios that these chips have is correct?
If they don't have the correct bios, can they be programmed with the correct bios?



maybe one thing to note: the 8048h chip contains the ROM ... so if you are not putting the ROM code onto the chip, it will not work ...

(ROM = G7400 Bios)
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If you can find a suitable programmer: you can use a 8748 (that is the Eprom version)
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